Uncomfortable Brunch at Will’s Pub

On the first Sunday of every month Will’s Pub hosts a brunch club that is not for the faint of heart.

Uncomfortable Brunch takes a lovely Sunday morning activity (brunch) and adds a hard to watch, usually explicit, but important film to watch and discuss. Past movies have included: Man Bites Dog, Happiness, and Blue Valentine.

Joshua Martin and a few friends inadvertently created the event after blueberry pancakes, mimosas, and Nagisa Oshima’s very disturbing classic “Realm of the Sensesin.”  Recently the brunch happenings outgrew Martin’s apartment and has now taken up new residence at Will’s Pub on Mills Ave.

This Sunday (3/1) will feature: chorizo sausage gravy & biscuits, local honey & assorted preserves, baked egg frittatas, whole fresh fruit, and a side of, the always violent, Gaspar Noe’s film, “Enter the Void.”

For more information and for the upcoming movies you can check out their website.

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