Trader Joes in Dr Phillips to open April 10th!

Trader Joes DP Ext

It’s no April Fools joke, Orlando. You’re finally getting your own Trader Joe’s on April 10th! The 48 (or 57) year old market chain is ready to share its Cookie Butter goodness with fans on Restaurant Row!

Trader Joes DP Map

Credit: Trader Joe’s


Firstly, for those who have visited Orlando’s first Trader Joe’s in Winter Park, you are already familiar with some of the challenges they’ve had with parking. Happy news for those wondering, YES!! The parking lot is bigger at the Dr. Phillips Trader Joe’s than at its sister store. Also, it’s a lot easier to enter/exit from from the two entrances from Sand Lake Road! Most locations are small but we think they learned a little about our area since opening last summer



Historically, Trader Joe’s is committed to being a good neighbor. In that charitable spirit, every Trader Joe’s store cements roots firmly into the community in which they are located. The Dr. Phillips location is no different. With a hat tip to not only sunny Orlando, but also to local citrus pioneer Dr. Phillip Phillips, the Dr. Phillips Trader Joe’s welcomes you with a mural enriched in Vitamin C!

Trader Joes Dr Phillips

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Also, inside this particular location are cool little ‘Orlando‘ themed easter eggs, including a great shout out to new neighbor The Orlando Eye!




Will you be there bright and early on opening day, April 10th at 8am? What’s on your TJ shopping list? My Top 5 favorites are:

*I’m not a ‘sweets’ person and even I love Cookie Butter. Not a lot of it, but just enough.
**As Uncle Jesse would say, “Have mercy!” This ice cream is just ridiculous…ly tasty!!