From the swamps of Florida comes The Bloody Jug Band!

A couple of weekends ago you may have seen some mysterious behind the scenes pictures pop up on our Instagram page from Orlando’s Greenwood Cemetery

Diehard fans of Central Florida’s music scene recognized what was going on right away, but some were left in the dark. Today, we shed a little light in them thar swamp, er, graveyard.

Orlando based production company, Abyssmal Entertainment, invited us to take a behind the scenes look at their latest production, a music video for “Beautiful Corpse” by local rockers The Bloody Jug Band.  Their name and look might raise an eyebrow on some but their Jug-ly antics online and at live shows might just surprise you and your ear(s). Take a peek at The BJB’s brand new teaser video to see AND hear what we mean…

Drawing inspiration from historic Jug bands of the 1920s and 30s as well as the darker side of Blues and Rock n’ Roll, The Bloody Jug Band carves out its own niche in a genre of music that has never seen such a bloody incarnation. Founded in 2009, this 8-piece group has adapted traditional Jug band instruments like: washboards, washtub bass, mandolin and the harmonica, to create their one-of-a-kind sound. Their latest album, Rope Burn, hit stores and online on April 13.

Who exactly are these characters? Howling out the Bloody Jug Band’s lead vocals are Cragmire Peace, who also scratches a mean washboard, and Stormy Jean on (what their bio says is) untimely percussion. (Get it?) Brian Shredder brings and/or shreds the blues on acoustic guitar and mandolin while Steevil rocks out on electric guitar and the banjo. Washtub and Uke Bassman Seth Funky hollows out some ‘soul,’ and Bloody Rick Lane slays listeners with his harmonica virtuosity. Baby Dingo slaps on the cajon and spoons. Rounding out this LIVEly jamboree is Big Daddy Jerm, on the actual jug and percussion.

The Bloody Jug Band plays Cheyenne Saloon this Saturday at 8pm, as part of the Florida Music Festival 2015 (Image Credit: Adam Arnali) 

After hearing the new album, Director Steven Shea knew exactly the next project would be. “After creating the first two Bloody Jug Band videos, Chained to the Bottom and Roadkill Boys, we wanted to continue the tradition for the new album, Rope Burn. I heard the whole disc and completely fell in love with track four, Beautiful Corpse. After some deliberations we locked the song and story. I really wanted to do a higher quality level video, and felt this could be it.

Abyssmal Entertainment has been creating and producing multimedia entertainment of all kinds in Orlando since 2002. While Florida’s film, television and digital media incentives are currently in limbo, Abyssmal remains dedicated to filming in Central Florida. Fortunately for them, this proves time and again to be a great advantage, especially in the production of Beautiful Corpse. Shea says, “We’ve called in a bunch of favors and have received nothing but love from the Central Florida film community to help make this a reality. Producers Randy Molnar and Melissa Gruver came aboard to help, as well as Director of Photography Chris McDaniel, who brought his natural flair. We are shooting in a couple spots around town, but keeping a foundation in the video with a vocal performance from the band at Greenwood Cemetery.”

After production wraps, Shea and Abyssmal Entertainment will be covering the Florida Music Festival, as well as  continuing to seek financing for projects to shoot locally including the ambitious Fiend Fatale, a horror-adventure  containing a proof-of-concept short film, comic book, gaming app (currently on Android) as well as possible television and sequel options.

The question you may be asking yourself right about now is, “So, is the Jug REALLY ‘bloody?‘ We’ll never tell. In fact, Big Daddy Jerm hypnotized us under a full moon at Greenwood Cemetery encouraged us to invite you out to Florida Music Festival for their next show on Saturday, April 18th at Cheyenne Saloon and Opera House in Downtown Orlando to find out for yourselves…


Bloody Jug Band Rope Burn

  Artist: The Bloody Jug Band (ReverbNation)

  Album: Rope Burn

  Release Date: April 13, 2015

  Rating: NR

  Available via: Official Website | Amazon | iTunes | Google Play |