Mummies of the World Exhibit Arrives at Orlando Science Center

Cover Photo: Three Shrunken Heads. On loan from the Buffalo Museum of Science and San Diego Museum of Man. Photo (c) American Exhibitions, Inc.

If you think of mummies and the only thing that comes to mind is the movie ride based on “The Mummy” at Universal, the Orlando Science Center has an amazing opportunity for you starting this month.

Orlando Science Center Mummies of the World Exhibit Arrival Orlando Science Center Mummies Exhibit Arrival

This morning, at a formal arrival event and press conference with City Commissioner Robert Stuart, incoming Orlando Science Center board chairman Michel Champagne officially received the center’s new “Mummies of the World” exhibit from American Exhibitions president Marcus Corwin.

Accompanied by a security detail and a motorcade, the mummies arrived to a small crowd of media, bloggers, staff members, and community leaders.

Calling the exhibit “a chance to step back in time,” Stuart, Champagne, and Corwin celebrated the educational potential of the exhibit.

“Hollywood has created such myths about mummies… but they were real people like you and me,” said Corwin.

Marcus Corwin Mummies of the World Exhibit Arrival Orlando Science Center

Far more than just the ancient mummies of the popular imagination, these mummies “come to us from places as far away as Ecuador, Scotland, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, and Egypt”, said Champagne, offering unique insights into the individual people and their times.

The Mummies of the World exhibition features more than 45 human and animal mummies from all over the world. It has already visited 11 cities, and been viewed by more than 1.3 million people.

The mummies will be displayed alongside state of the art interactive and multi-media activities which will enable visitors to leave with an understanding of how mummies are created, where they come from, who they were, and how they lived. The exhibit aims to show how science can shed light on history, the study of medicine, and cultures around the world.

For now, the mummies will be unpacked and examined by curators to see if any damage occurred during the journey from the exhibit’s most recent home in Cincinnati. Once production crews set up the displays, the mummies will be placed in temperature- and humidity-controlled cases for the duration of their stay in Orlando.

Mummies of the World: The Exhibition opens on June 13 at the Orlando Science Center. Find more information at or