Grown-Ups Get Their Learn On at Science Night Live

Think back to your elementary school days when you went on cool field trips to places like the Orlando Science Center.

In those days, many of us (this blogger included) walked away from those trips wanting to do be a part of that world. We wanted to be astronomers and meteorologists, archaeologists and paleontologists, engineers and marine biologists.

As we grow up, life often takes us in different directions from those childhood dreams. But every once in a while, we get the chance to rediscover that sense of exploration and adventure.

Science Night Live at the Orlando Science Center on June 6th was one of those occasions.

science night live at orlando science center

Science Night Live is one of the many special events to take place throughout the year at the Orlando Science Center. An evening reserved exclusively for adults, this is one of the few times you won’t find young kids running around the exhibits.

Adults lined up in a queue that wrapped around the parking garage to visit all of the science center’s primary exhibits (such as the Dino Dig exhibition hall, Engineer It!, and the Space Base virtual reality experience), as well as the event’s specially themed programming on craft beer and Mummies of the World.

In between sampling the 12 craft beer options from the local and national breweries, Science Night Live guests attended seminars on Tiny Bubbles Explained, The History of Highland Brewing Company, and Mummies and Meads. Dr. Heather Gill-Frerking, director of science and education for the upcoming “Mummies of the World” exhibit was on hand for a special presentation about changing perceptions of mummies.

Throughout the evening, the Science Night Live team also hosted a laser light show featuring the music of Pink Floyd, and opened the Crosby Observatory for visitors to take in the views of downtown Orlando and the night sky above through Florida’s largest publicly accessible refractor telescope.


Let’s face it: exploring new ideas should never get old. Science Night Live is a great opportunity for adults to get their hands into the exhibits and presentations that are normally frequented by children– but really serve to inspire lifelong learning for people of all ages. All while enjoying great food, great drinks, and a great atmosphere.

Mark your calendar — The next Science Night Live event will be held on September 19, 2015. More details will be posted on the Orlando Science Center’s website at