For a Premiere Dining Experience Check out EnjoyFresh

Artisan's Table, EnjoyFresh

There’s a new kid in town and they are AWESOME! Last month I signed up for a meetup group for newbies in the Orlando area and little did I know that this culinary experience would be more than just a casual get together.

Our host for this meetup was also a transplant to O-Town (as so many of us are) and he had brought with him a new concept in dining called EnjoyFresh.

EnjoyFresh is a marketplace for culinary experiences. Rethinking dining out, by connecting food lovers with chefs and restaurants. Users search EnjoyFresh for unique culinary experiences near them. The marketplace holds everything from off-menu dishes, to pop-ups, tasting menus and beyond. EnjoyFresh lets you discover unique new places and experience your favorite restaurants like never before. They hand select all of the experiences to bring us the most creative, tastiest and exclusive food experiences around.

EnjoyFresh is doing well in California and our host for the Orlando Events, Laurent is hoping to do the same for Central Florida. To give you a better idea here’s a glimpse of what you can expect at an EnjoyFresh Dining Event.

Artisan's Table Shrimp Crostini

The EnjoyFresh event at Artisan’s Table was a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Dinner, with 4 courses of deliciousness and 5 Jack Daniel’s Whiskey cocktails. Our first course was a Shrimp Crostini with homemade chorizo, yellow tomato marmalade and focaccia crostini. This was paired with a Gentleman Jack Brown Derby. (The cocktails were all themed post-prohibition era)

Maple Bacon Butter Washed Jack Daniel's Manhattan

And as the night progressed we were served this OMG delicious Maple Bacon Butter Washed Jack Daniel’s Manhattan with our Herb Marinated Duck Breast……sigh. It was a good night to be me! Thanks to our new friends from Brown-Forman we also had fun swag to take home as well as door prizes of premiere whiskeys!

This was the second EnjoyFresh event I had been to and honestly while the concept is amazing I was waiting to see how it played out. In my opinion, I think we have a winner here and I’m looking forward to new and exciting dining experiences!

So if you love food, love good conversation and want to be treated just a little bit special than EnjoyFresh is just what you’re looking for. They’ll be working with some of the best restaurants in the area to bring us unique and delicious dining experiences.

You can sign up for EnjoyFresh on their website or mobile app. EnjoyFresh also lets you sign up through Facebook and Twitter. Enter your details and start enjoying mouthwatering made-to-order delicacies. There is no charge to join EnjoyFresh, the only expense will be for the culinary adventures you choose. The cost of the event will all inclusive, there are no hidden fees.

The more people that sign up, the more likely that EnjoyFresh will be hosting more events, so head on over to their website which is backed up by the top najlepszy hosting and get ready for some deliciousness!

Click on this link for more information on Artisan’s Table.