Hagen, Kyle and Morgan officially #JoinThePride

Orlando City Soccer Club’s President, Phil Rawlins and Orlando Pride Head Coach, Tom Sermanni, announced the acquisition of Orlando’s first Professional Women’s Soccer Franchise appropriately titled the Orlando Pride last week at Lake Eola. One look at their team logo will tell you why!

Last week Rollins said, “The quality of the game, the creativity of the game, the marketability of the game have all improved beyond belief. I think we’ve all seen that with the recent World Cup in Canada 2015, where the US Women’s National Team were triumphant as World Champions. The quality of those games, the quality of the soccer played and the quality of entertainment were nothing short of incredible.

And he is not wrong! If you somehow missed Carli Lloyd and our US Team take home the World Cup in July, you should watch THIS!

He went on to say, “The strength of the women’s game is not just because of the strength of the National game, it’s also because of the strength of the leagues that we have now around the world. Particularly with the National Women’s Soccer League right here in the United States, the NWSL.

Yesterday, in what was probably Orlando’s worst kept secret, Orlando Pride’s first three players were revealed; Forward #8 Sarah Hagen, Midfielder #6 Kaylyn Kyle and Striker #13 Alex Morgan.

It’s exciting to see the talk around Orlando for the women’s team and the fact that Orlando City has done so well last year. Now they’ll have Orlando Pride,” says Alex Morgan, a player that many expected to be part of this announcement for more than one reason. The most obvious reason of course to be closer to her husband, Orlando City’s Servando Carrasco.

Morgan is also quite happy to be part of such a loyal, supportive community. “Something I noticed right away,” she says, “was just how passionate this ownership group is and how committed they are, and how much they do in the community. I mean, in Orlando you see the Orlando City magnets on every bumper of every car!

Kaylyn Kyle agrees, “People are so welcoming! I kind of feel like I’m in Canada everyone’s just so nice and willing to help you at any cost.” Kyle, a native of Saskatchewan, Canada, was part of a trade deal from the Portland Thorns FC which also brought over Alex Morgan.

Sarah Hagen, who is no stranger to the National game, is hopeful as well. “No matter where the Women’s National Team travels, they bring in a crowd. Just talking with some of those players they said how the atmosphere in the stadium was unbelievable (at Sunday’s match against Brazil). Hopefully it’s something like that for us when we have our season opener.”

Welcome to Orlando, ladies!