5 Quick and Easy Party Favorites

Once a month I host a dinner party. It’s potluck style, and preferably homemade and made from scratch. Of course, I’m one of those people who always advocates for making as much as you can from scratch. I’d rather start from flour rather than a cake mix any day. However, my oven was broken and I haven’t decided which toaster to buy yet. Should I do the same with the old or experience the new with higher specs? Well, except some days. Sometimes, you just need something that’s easy, but still delicious and a favorite at parties.

What makes these special? First, there’s little prep involved aside from cutting and throwing toppings on top. Most can be accomplished while doing something else, don’t require babysitting, and more importantly, doesn’t require an extensive knowledge of cooking.

So here are 5 quick, tasty, and easy party favorites.

Broiled Tomato and Cheese
I’m sure these have a real name somewhere. But honestly, I just made these up one day with what I had on hand. They remind of of caprese sandwiches I get up at Bikes, Beans, and Bordeaux. Tomatoes, cheese, basil, and bread.

• 3 Cheese Bruschetta French Bread
Got a loaf of french bread? If not, pick one up and a can of Ro-Tel diced tomatoes (any diced tomatoes will due), some mozzarella cheese, and you’re set. Well, you need an oven. I can’t help you there though.

• Ham and Cheese Wrapped Pickles
Stop wrinkling your nose at me. These are actually amazingly delicious. It’s something my mom used to make at the family get togethers. Plus, I figure by wrapping the pickles people will stop asking me if I’m pregnant!

Spicy Boiled Peanuts
Is there really anything that I can say? If you’re from the South, you probably know exactly what these are, and just how amazingly addicting they are. If you’re not, be prepared to fall in love. But of course, these aren’t “plain” peanuts.

• Crescent Roll Pizza Ring
By far the unhealthiest one on the list, and probably the one that requires the most work but if you have an outdoor pizza oven you can finish the work easily. That’s why I saved it for last, but as with all things that come last, um, who cares, it’s pizza!