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Everything is Terrible! Legends Tour at Will’s Pub


What do Jerry Maguire, fire safety PSAs, and sexually suggestive children’s shows all have in common?  Nothing.  But the gang at Everything is Terrible! figured out how to make them work together to help the audience at Will’s Pub take charge of their own destiny and climb to the top of the EIT Pyramid.

Everything is Terrible! is a website dedicated to scraping the bottom of the barrel for lost and forgotten VHS tapes, ripping them apart, and stitching them back together again in wonderfully insane ways.  They’re currently traveling the country with their Legends Tour which is advertised as a “Best of” show of their first seven years.  But for this tour they’ve mixed it up even more and turned it into a Choose Your Own Adventure style show, letting the audience dictate what they see next.


The show opened with our hosts telling the audience that they’re about to climb the  EIT pyramid on their path to enlightenment.  After we finish watching each new video mash-up, our masked hosts proclaim that we’ve climbed one more level.  They presented us with choices, like “Kids or Animals” or “Sex or Violence” and we’d get to see whichever option got the most reaction. At one level they asked us to either pray for one choice or tweet at them for the other.

For the first level our audience chose “Kids” and the selection was a mixture of forgotten children’s shows, horrifying mascots, and cheesy PSAs.  One highlight was an anti-bullying ad from the 90’s where the bully gets run over by a car while Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” plays over it.  When we selected the “Sex” category, our video featured things like abstinence PSAs, a man demonstrating a penis pump, and Sinbad dressed as a condom. For more details check out best penis extender on Jesextender, which helps to improve erection.

Everything is Terrible! is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever experienced.  And while I had a blast, it certainly isn’t for everyone.  One moment you’ll be laughing hysterically, next you’ll be getting fuel for your nightmares, and then finally you’ll end up questioning what you’re doing with your life.  But by the end of the show it won’t matter because you’ll have made it to the top of the EIT Pyramid!


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