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#CFLT5Day and Launching a New Central Florida Top 5

The time is NOW. The steps have been stepped. SunRail has left the station.

After nearly a year of hard work in front of and behind the scenes, a new Central Florida Top 5 is here! What do you think? A big thank you to the team at CT Social​, for the fresh new look on desktop and mobile!

New Top 5

Fun Spot America on International Drive hosted us for a ‘huuuuge‘ launch party over the weekend with nearly all of our new team of writers, some of our readers, a few very special guests and we even met a few new fans! Our readers enjoyed 20% off of wristbands for mentioning us and using the hashtag #CFLT5Day! Thank you Fun Spot!

Special guests stopped by including our longtime friend Emily Ellyn, Central Florida’s own Retro Rad Chef and Food Network Star and David Hummer, Director of Marketing at Fun Spot America. Virtual well wishes were sent by many including our founder and Central Florida native Bess Auer, the Queen of Versailles herself Jackie Siegel and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs who surprised us with our own day – literally! Mayor Jacobs proclaimed Saturday, May 16th, 2015 “Central Florida Top 5 Day” in Orange County, noting our over six years of service to the community and longevity for years to come. Thank you so much Emily, David, Jackie and Mayor Jacobs!

So what’s new exactly? A BUNCH! Here are our Top 5 awesome new things about CentralFloridaTop5.com:

  • A beautiful new website and mobile site! How do we look? Let us know in the comments by signing into social media!

Top 5 Comments


  • Easier way to submit events to our calendar (Don’t forget the pictures!)

Top 5 Submit


  • The debut of our newsletter (Coming SOON!)
  • More opportunity for YOU to get involved! Whether you have a small business in need of a boost via paid ad space or a great event in need of eyes, we can help! Feel free to email us anytime at info[at]centralfloridatop5.com.

And last but certainly NOT least…

  • Our new team of writers spanning six (with more on the way) Central Florida counties! We attempted to broadcast a live Google Hangout on Air on Saturday, to introduce all of them to you, but sadly broke the internet. (Click the link for video of what did happen!) You will be seeing and hearing from each of them very soon…
Top 5 Team

Our new Central Florida Top 5 Team at Fun Spot: Allen, Jen V, Kari, Kate, Jay, Carolyn, Greg, Kelly, Emily, Lisa, Mark, Rich, JenLee, Bun (Not pictured: Brian, Jen L, David, Nando, Dani, Mike, Cody)

Look for more great posts, local information, reviews, interviews through +Google Glass, pretty pictures, video​ and some fun partnerships in the year ahead!

To our loyal readers, THANK YOU for bearing with us through the growing pains. We appreciate YOU!

Notice something a little different about Central Florida Top 5?

Dear Central Florida Top 5 Readers,


You may have noticed a little something when visiting the site today.

Central Florida Top 5 has changed… a lot. Aesthetically of course it looks different but there are many other big things coming in the month of May, and even more great things to come in 2015.

First things first. The website. In the Central Florida blogging world, we’ve been sharing the best of Central Florida with you since 2009. And, with being one of the oldest blogs in the area, we felt we needed a change, an update… to brighten up even more. We had little idea of how or where to go with this thought process. Enter: CT Social.

CT Social

We met the CT Team at Florida BlogCon (founded by our original owner, Bess Auer) a few years ago which sparked conversation. Last year we got serious and got the creative ball rolling. Today, we’re 15 days from our full relaunch and we couldn’t be more excited to FINALLY share this great news with you! Our friends and partners CT Social gave our website a massive overhaul, which we hope you will find even more convenient and fun to explore. From backend to front page, they rebuilt us from scratch. (Keep in mind, with our soft launch comes some tweaking. We are still under construction, so we thank you for your patience in advance.)

You may already recognize Carolyn as one of our Guest Contributors or as one of Orlando Business Journal’s 2015 Women Who Mean Business nominees. She’s also CT Social’s Communications Director and Digital Storyteller. Her business partner, Greg, is a coding and developer ninja as well as CT’s Marketing Technologist. Chief Barkologist, Hartley, definitely keeps the team motivated! Over the last year they have met with us, coached us, shared many caffeinated beverages and helped us pave the way for a new future of Central Florida Top 5.

I am also one of those big changes. You may recognize me as Top 5’s Multimedia Producer. In case we haven’t met officially, I’m Jen Vargas, Central Florida Top 5’s new Managing Editor! With me comes a team of writers located in counties all over Central Florida – 13 writers to be exact – as well as more Guest Contributors and community partnerships!

In February I replaced Top 5 Senior Editor, Ken Storey, who moved on to orangey pastures over at Orlando Tourism Report. We thank Ken for his input in the early stages of our resdesign. Rest assured, Central Florida Top 5’s owner and community catalyst, Brian Wilson, is still with us. You may not see his face around often but his heart is still here. (He’s a hard one to forget!)

What details can we share with you about our new website launch party? Not a lot yet but here are my Top 5 best hints;

  • It will be HUUUUGE.
  • We will be broadcasting LIVE via Google Hangouts On Air and YOU are invited!
  • Special Guests will stop by, in person AND online
  • You’ll get a chance to meet our new writing team
  • Exclusive local news will be announced

So, what do you think so far? Let us know in the comments or email us at info(@)centralfloridatop5.com.