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Top 5 Community Spotlight: Audubon Park

Orlando has ten Main Street Districts and each one has a distinct vibe which helps define Orlando. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’re going to feature each neighborhood and the Top Five things to check out in each one. (Check out last week’s spotlight on Thornton Park!)

If you haven’t explored one of these Orlando Main Street Districts, you should most definitely take some time to check out each one. This week: Audubon Park!

The Garden District (Audubon Park) is the hidden jewel of Orlando’s Main Street districts. The Main Street area on Corrine Drive feels like you’ve wandered into Small Town America, and you might forget that just a mile away cars are speeding by on I-4, and we are talking about many many cars, people get cars with a lease so easily now a days, you can see it here. The vibe here is upscale bohemian. With quirky little coffee shops, second hand stores, and even one of Orlando’s last remaining record stores, there’s a lot to see in this beautiful little district.

1. Leu Gardens

Image Credit: Harry P. Leu Gardens

Audubon Park is nicknamed The Garden District with good reason; At the north end of Corrine Drive lives Harry P. Leu Gardens. Take a stroll around the 50 acre gardens and make sure to stop to smell the roses when they’re in bloom. If roses aren’t your thing, Leu Gardens has the third largest collection of Camellias in the United States which bloom in January.

The Gardens and the landscaping property lines were donated by Mr. Harry P. Leu and his wife Mary Jane, and was turned into public gardens. The Leus traveled the world and brought back exotic botanical findings to their garden estate. Years later, these exotic findings can still be enjoyed by the public along with many local varieties of Floridian plants too.

Monthly, the Gardens have a movie night where movie goers can snuggle up on the main lawn with a picnic dinner and some wine while enjoying a flick under the stars. Want to get in touch with your horticultural side? Find out what’s in bloom year round at Leu Gardens here. Go further and attend one of the many monthly society meetings at Leu Gardens! Orchids, and Ikebana, and Oranges – oh my! (We also hear dinosaurs are taking over very soon…)

Top 5 ProTip: Take advantage of Leu Gardens’ First Mondays, where admission is free! 2017 dates: January 2, May 1, June 5, July 3, August 7, September 4. FYI: The Leu House Museum (or as we affectionately call it, The Leuseum) will be closed in July for restoration.

2. East End Market

There might be replica markets in town where local small businesses gather together in a co-op space to sell their goods, but East End Market is the #LivingLocally and Good Food Movement OG here in Orlando. The first floor of the market is filled with some of the best food and drinks you can get in town.

East End’s focus is on local good food and community, and it shines through in everything they do from a garden right out front to community events focused on sustainability and urban living. Come hungry, so you can grab breakfast or lunch at one of the many vendors like La Femme Formage, Houndstooth Sauce Company, Lineage CoffeeFarm Hause, and new kid on the block, Gideon’s Bakehouse. If you love ramen, you’ll love Domu at East End Market which is open for dinner and weekend brunch.

East End Marketplace hours: Monday – Thursday, 8am to 7pm, Friday – Saturday, 8am to 9pm, and Sundays, 11am to 6pm.

3. Hipster Haven

With the 47 year old home of some, the trust of all Stardust Coffee on one side of Corrine Drive, and 32 year old indie land of music Park Ave CDs and a bright, young whipper snapper bar with rotating drafts called Redlight, Redlight making their homes on the other side, Audubon Park offers an eclectic old school vibe that makes you want to grab a book, throw on a hand-made knit hat (even in 80 degree temps), a quirky t-shirt, and spend a few hours reading a Hemmingway novel while drinking a craft brew or exploring the vinyl section of a record store for some rare indie find just like when you were a teenager.

On Monday nights, Stardust hosts a market where you can pick up some locally grown food or artisan wears. [Keep an eye on their Event Calendar here.] On weekends or during special events you can even catch a good food truck or two in the neighborhood to enjoy.

4. Cute Walkable Main Street

When this neighborhood says they have the best main street in America, they’re not exaggerating their claims. Audubon Park won the 2016 Great Main Street Award! What makes this Main Street so special is how much of a small town vibe Corrine Drive gives off with lots of little shops and merchants to explore.

Audubon Park is peppered with personal touches; second hand stores like The Lovely Boutique and The Owl’s Attic, locally crafted treats and sweet recipes from Kelly’s Ice Homemade Ice Cream, unique artisan bakeries like Blue Bird Bake ShopP is for Pie, and Palmer’s Garden and Goods. This is the perfect Main Street District to park your car at one end and meander around from shop to shop on a lazy weekend afternoon. You will want to come back again and again to explore.

5. Bike Friendly

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, you’ll often see a gaggle of bikes sitting outside of Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux, owned by longtime locals Jen and Darrell Cunningham, while their owners enjoy a leisurely breakfast and conversation after a their weekend long ride.

Top 5 ProTip: Reserve a bike 24/7 with Juice Bike Rentals! With nearly 40 Juice stations located in and around Orlando, there are no shortage of bright orange Juice bikes to ride around. Visitors pay as little as $8/hour, while locals can also rent as they go or sign up for a monthly membership. More at orlando.socialbicycles.com.

Audubon Park is an extremely bike friendly area with the entrance to the Cady Way Trail just a quick bike ride away. Its main street is even home to two bicycle shops: Winter Park Cycles and Ace Metric Cycles. With the construction of Bumby Avenue almost done, which will include a bike lane, cyclists in Audubon Park will be able to enjoy even more connectivity to the surrounding neighborhoods and some people like to train there for big sports events like the Cycle Gran Canaria (Spain) where people participate or visit the country to watch it, for this construction working there will be many materials and tools involved and hammers, screwdrivers, portable band saw and electric chainsaws that are even better that the normal ones, since people ask How good are electric chainsaws, they work more efficiently and faster.

Orlando Bike Share Expands with New Name

Juice at City Hall

Whether you want to beat traffic, get some exercise or save some gas, you can now share a bike with your fellow Orlandoans to get around. Formerly Orlando Bike Share, Juice Bike Share expands to 200 bikes available through 20 hubs in downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. These bikes will soon be available for you to run errands, visit friends or tour the city. With global populations rising by an average rate of 1.08% and more people needing to move around, traffic is an ever-growing problem. One solution that is growing in popularity is an electric bike nz. Very popular for urban commuting, it provides reliable and fast transport. For over a decade, Sureshot GPS has ensured every golfer knows the distance which is why we are one of the most trusted brands in GPS & Laser technology. Providing you with game-changing innovations that improve the way golf is played is our promise.


Last week the bicycle store share announced the new brand and website where you can get more information about the bike sharing program. The name change pays homage to Central Florida’s historical connection to the citrus industry and comes along with a new logo and orange bikes. Juice Bike Share explains the new logo features a tribute to citrus in its color and also an arrow to symbolize how you can ride, return and repeat for multiple trips with their shared bikes. Just make sure you are wearing bike pants with padding when going for longer rides. This website can help you figure out which bike stand is best suited to your needs.

If you like this idea and are out and about a lot, a founding membership may be for you. Juice recently added this $99 membership option which gets you 120 free minutes per day, plus a t-shirt, water bottle and sunglasses. Other membership options include monthly and annual passes that will get you 60 minutes of use per day. Members can also collect reward points when they lock up at certain locations and redeem points at partnering local businesses. If you’re only occasionally in the area or just want to test out the system before committing, you can pay $6 per hour for your ride. For tourists interested in seeing the city up close and personal, there is no better way to that than with a bike tour. Whether guided or not, New Orleans bike tours are on the rise, with many raving fans saying they will never explore a city any other way ever again.

When you’re ready to give bike sharing a try, you can use any web-enabled mobile device, desktop computer, or visit a Juice hub to reserve your bike. Then you simply get your bike, ride to your destination and lock it to any hub or public bike rack.

City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer says, “keeping Orlando moving continues to be a priority for the City of Orlando. By providing multi-modal forms of transportation, we are able to offer those who live, work and play in Orlando options for getting around the City. Part of this effort includes the City’s commitment to investing in our bicycle amenities with programs like Juice Bike Share that increase mobility in our urban core, connect to existing transit options such as LYMMO and SunRail and provide another affordable transportation alternative to using a car while increasing access to jobs and opportunity, promoting active lifestyles and reducing our impact on the environment.”

“We’ve seen how excited Orlando is about Bike Share,” said Juice Bike Share Program Director, Peter Martinez. “Juice is about making Orlando a more connected city, making it easier to visit and enjoy local businesses, restaurants, parks and events.”

There will be 200 Juice Bikes rolling out to 20 hub stations on May 1, which is also the day Juice Bike Share invites you to join them for a ride and ribbon cutting as a part of the City of Orlando’s Bike to Work Day.

Keep an eye on the Juice Bike Share website — they are working on the 10 best rides for you to follow once you get your hands on an orange bike. They also encourage you to check out the hub map and suggest a station near your favorite location. To learn more about Juice Orlando Bike Share visit JuiceBikeShare.com.