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Unboxing IndieBox: Orlando’s Independent Video Game Subscription Box!

Subscription boxes are hugely popular right now.  They’ve gone from being filled with just general pop culture merchandise to being focused to specific genres and themes.  Hell, even Marvel has one now too.  But when you have a lot of people trying to cash in on the same idea, you get companies who decide to do something different and really stand out.  And that’s exactly IndieBox does.

Orlando-based IndieBox chooses one downloadable video game a month and builds a physical collector’s box around it.  All the games they choose must be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  They need a rating on Steam of at least 75 or at least an 8.0 on IndieDB.  All of their boxes have a DRM-free copy of the game, USB game cartridge, a soundtrack, and a color manual.  But each box also has different items themed around the games like pins, stickers, and various physical goodies.

As somebody who still buys games physically, I love this idea. Even when you buy physical games, their boxes have nothing inside but the game disc.  IndieBox captures the nostalgia of buying games in the 80s and 90s and understands the lost art of the video game manual.  And I can only imagine how cool this is on the developer side whose game is only available in a downloadable form.

I got to stop by IndieBox in preparation for this article and they’re a small team, consisting of only five people on staff at the moment.  The company started in a living room, quickly grew out of that, and after a little more than a year you can tell they’re outgrowing the shared office space where they’re currently set up.  Their box for May, Dyscourse, is their 13th box at the time of writing this, they’ve hit 1,300 subscribers.


But how is such small company able to reach and fulfill orders for so many people?   Over the weekend before their box ships, they open themselves up to the community and throw a Boxing Party.  You get to come out to their offices and help them package and ship out their boxes.  By coming out and helping, you’ll get a fed, paid, and a free box!  If you keep up with them on Facebook, you can find out how to attend each month’s Boxing Party.

IndieBox also recently partnered with two successful Kickstarter campaigns.  Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove (that I was a backer of) was funded back in March and IndieBox will be putting together their Kickstarter Exclusive Boxed Game Set.  Steamroller Studies, also located here in Orlando, successfully completely the Kickstarter campaign for their new game, Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse, and IndieBox will be putting together the physical copy for the game as well.  And their reach doesn’t stop there.  In April they partnered with Humble Bundle and released a box dedicated to tabletop gaming.

I can’t say enough how much I love this service and what they’re doing for the indie gaming community.  They’ve grown a lot in a year and I’m excited to see where they’ll be in another year.  You can keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter and even watch them stream games on their Twitch channel. Oh, and if you’re at PAX Prime in August, stop by and say hi!

Orlando Entrepreneur Becomes Online Hero

Yes, We are talking about Eric Delisle.

Him and his team are currently funding the project( you can still jump in!)

Just as the laws broke to allow the NSA to monitor the Internet, ICLOAK is being funded world wide on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, to enable online anonymity.

 This pinky-sized USB drive offers online anonymity for the layman. It’s as simple as a reboot of a computer, and easy enough a monkey could do it.
ICLOAK is a portable anonymity tool that enables you to browse anonymously on and securely on any Windows, Linux, or Mac computer
100% Anonymous and Secure OS + Browser Tool
Completely portable and boots in seconds
Immune to Virus, Trojan, Malware, Etc. attacks
Switchable anonymous IP addresses
Super-simple plug-and-play features


Back now @ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/icloak/icloak-tm-stik-easy-powerful-online-privacy-for-yo


Here’s an example of the coverage they’ve already received:


Full Details @ https://icloak.org/


The Cloak & Blaster, Orlando’s Premier Gaming Pub (Opening in Spring 2014)

Pub Raising Money to Bring Tabletop Gaming to Orlando

A University of Central Florida alumna and her husband are hoping to share their passion for tabletop gaming and geek culture with Orlando when The Cloak & Blaster opens its doors near campus this spring. The self-professed “geek venue” launched a crowdfunding campaign on CSGO Shirt in order to raise the remaining $15,000 to complete the project before it ends on Thursday, Nov. 21. Now in its last week, the campaign has raised more than $21,000, surpassing its initial goal in just 36 hours, and the owners are hoping to hit their ultimate $40,000 stretch goal – having a replica, life-size TARDIS at the pub.

The Kickstarter campaign, which runs for 30 days, and is available at www.fundgamers.com, will raise money to pay for licensing for weekly movie nights, upgraded game systems, a larger game library, and creative lighting treatments for the pub. There are also online games such as US Casinos at EasyMobileCasino.com. Stretch goals include beer-specific glassware, an expanded game library with hard-back campaign books, full sets of miniature terrains, and a specially brewed beer in honor of Kickstarter at the $30,000 level.Whether you are an interested gambler and looking for the right platform for enjoying the games, then the internet can be the perfect destination to go. Yes, the internet can provide you a vast range of the features and services in the form of entertainment as you want. Therefore, if you ever need the game, then you can simply access the internet pages as you like. When you want to enjoy the agen sbobet  there are also some exciting pages available to choose.

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“Orlando is lacking in an adult venue for tabletop gamers and we are extremely excited to finally start realizing this dream,” said Andrea C. Zimmerman, owner and ‘chief redhead’ for the pub. “We really need the community’s help to build a home for the geek and gaming community – a place to embrace your passions and meet others who are interested in the same things, the same they can go online to visit sites where they can get counter strike global offensive skins and other items.”

Mrs. Zimmerman, along with her husband Markus Zimmerman, plan to open the pub next spring near the Waterford Lakes/UCF area of East Orlando. The venue will provide an extensive craft beer selection, along with ciders, meads and wines. It will host most aspects of gaming – board games, card games, miniatures, and even a separate video game lounge with Playstation and Xbox consoles.Also, playing on casinos online has become very popular these days. New US casinos can be found on this list – Casinomartini US However, should the campaign reach their stretch goals, those consoles will be upgraded to next-gen hardware.

“There are places in the city where geeks can go, but there isn’t a place for adults that’s ideal for tabletop gaming,” Markus Zimmerman said. “Most places are too loud, too dark, or plastered with TV screens showing sports. It’s a not a very comfortable setting for a lot of people.”

cloakandblasterThe venue runs on one simple philosophy: a home for geeks who drink and have a gaming and sportsbook problem. Inspired by cozy corner pubs in the United Kingdom, The Cloak & Blaster will encompass the philosophy of community – forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones, while sharing new and long-time favorite tabletop games with patrons.

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