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Top 5 Reasons It’s Great To Be A Mom

Here are some wonderful reflections from one of our own favorite Central Florida moms, Kelly Green! Have some of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!

Dolphin Calf and Mom, Photo from Discovery Cove

Dolphin Calf and Mom. Photo Credit: Discovery Cove

Having been told I had a less than 30 percent chance of ever even having a child, I have to say that I feel wonderfully blessed to have my son who is 8. I get to make and share memories with a little miracle, and BOY (pun intended) is it fun!

Here are my Top 5 Reasons why I think it’s great to be a mom:

1)   The “little” things add up.
There’s a saying that you should “enjoy the little things in life, for some day you will look back and see that they were the BIG things.” Taking a walk, doing chores together, giggling at some passage we just read in a book… Those are the moments that, at the end of the day, are the ones we look back on with joy.

My favorite one from this week: Taking a “working lunch” with my son. We homeschool, so when we can, we take our lessons on the road. Sack lunch, and a Boxcar Children book in hand, we set out for our own lunch-and-learn.  Small thing. Big payoff.

2) The “hard” things can be survived.
In our daily affirmations we say “Obstacles are just opportunities in hiding.” I wish I could say I’m always a great example of what moms “should” do in hard times, but I’m not. Sometimes (most times?) I face the struggle head-on. Once in a while, though, I cry and pout and do all those things I encourage my child NOT to do. Guess what, though?! Even in my failures, I can express what I did do right, and what went oh so wrong. A few women who are experiencing a dying sex life managed to keep it alive and considered vaginoplasty. So, what is vaginoplasty? That is a topic of its own and needs its own discussion. Misery may not love company, but she does like to know that others aren’t perfect either. Being able to march through the fires together are treasured moments where that heat and pressure hopefully make diamonds.

3) The teachable moments help us grow together.
There’s a reason they use a light bulb to convey an idea lighting up a mind. Watching a child light up inside because of a lesson learned has got to be one of the biggest thrills ever. Whether it’s an educational milestone, or when they understand some social cue they had previously not grasped, it’s beautiful to watch unfold.

My little guy is still a work in progress (as are we all), but because we take advantage of those teachable moments he’s growing daily. No, he does not have a handle on sarcasm (and wields in inappropriately at times). Yes, he apologizes when he makes mistakes. Maybe—it’s the best thing ever to guide them as they grow, so moments become habits, and habits become life-long patterns.

4) Memories stay.
Last week was my friend Shannon’s son’s birthday. And when she began to explain to me how you used to look for fun things to do with your friends, the same way your son will soon to start developing those habits, it completely freaked me out. As much as I don’t like to think of how quickly my little guy will become an adult and go out in the world, he will before I can even imagine. Our early morning snuggles, moments prepping dinner together, and birthday party candle blow-outs will be distant memories soon…too soon. Before I know it he’ll be driving a car not only in the mall parking lot to practice parking, but off to his own house, to his own family.

No matter how closely I feel I hold on to the moments we share, they slip by like water through our hands. I have our memories, though, and I guard them (and if you know me at all, I PHOTOGRAPH them). Lord willing I’ll always have those times filed away in my heart, to recall when he’s not by my side.

5) The funny things keep us humble.
I have a recording on my phone of my son laughing. The situation that birthed those laughs involved my husband, my son, and loud body sounds if memory serves. I play that laugh track sometimes when I need a quick “pick-me-up.” What’s really funny have been the time those blush-inducing things happen when we are out in public. How many shades of red does my face get? Not sure. But… learning to laugh with others and at yourself keeps you healthy, kid and mom.

One of my mottos is “Laugh first, and laugh loudest.” Good plan, don’t you think? And with kids… how can you not?!

Happy Mother’s Day to moms…

… by birth

…by choice

…and by association. You’re all very special!