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Behind the Scenes at Madame Tussaud’s Orlando

Madame Tussaud was born Marie Grosholtz in France, 1761. She was an art tutor who learned the craft of wax modeling early in life from Philippe Curtius, a Swiss doctor turned wax modeler. Marie inherited two wax museums from him when he died in 1794. During the French Revolution she made what is called a death mask, a cast of a person’s face made after their death which was often used in the creation of portraits. (Think: Ancient Egyptians.) These waxwork and paint techniques are still used today by the 20 person teams in London used to create each figure.

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Madame Tussaud

Standing with a waxwork of Madame Tussaud herself, Andres from Merlin Entertainments explains, “It takes about six months to make a figure. Every department concentrates on something. We start with a sculpting team. They make a figure exactly to the measurements of the person. Then we go into casting, where we make the bodies. Then it goes into a painting stage where we do painting techniques to simulate skin, textures, pores. It takes about 17 layers of paint to process.

Tussaud’s is hardcore on the details. From their figure’s every essence, to the vignettes where they stand, sit or play, an amazing amount of care is taken to ensure quality and accuracy.

Every hair that you see on our figures, from eyelashes to eyebrows to actual hair, is inserted by hand by one of our artists,” Andres explains. “Scars, freckles that a person might have, we try to make that exactly the same because that is our motto. We give you 100 percent of what they really looked like. This is all real hair. We styled the hair like they wore it. Every costume is made exact and created by our team in London.”

It’s almost scary how accurate these waxwork pieces are up close. Stunning work, of course, but a little off-putting. During the preview, I turned a corner and saw a man with his back to me staring someone down… or so I thought. The back of the man was Steve Jobs, who shares a room with Artist Andy Warhol. Tussauds Steve Jobs

“When they’re all done, they’re sent to the attractions like Orlando and a team of artists walk (the floor) every morning to make sure the figures have been cleaned, their quality, their color, their styles… everything has to stay perfect,” he says.

Andres has a Tussaud’s ProTip for you portrait and selfie fans, “Lighting plays an important factor because you want things to look as real as possible. When you go to take a picture, always aim at their eyes because they will shine and it will seem like they are looking at you.”

Tussauds Tiger Woods

When asked who else with a local tie may be joining Dan Marino, Shaquille O’Neal, Tiger Woods and OG Florida native, Juan Ponce de Leon, Andres says, “We will be getting more figures that are current to the city, current to the state. Anybody who represents an icon or something in the city will be here.”

Who would YOU like to see inside Madame Tussaud’s Orlando? Make your vote in the comments below!

Tin Roof Orlando: Top 5 Favorite Things (so far)…

By: @jenvargas

Your first reaction to hearing the name Tin Roof Orlando might be the same as mine…

The overwhelming urge to yell, “Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Roof! Rusted,” a kitschy fermata from The B-52s 1989 smash hit “Love Shack.” When I asked Patrick Neitzer, General Manager of Tin Roof Orlando if people who did this would be laughed at or quickly asked to leave he said, “Heck no! We ENCOURAGE it!

(Note: If this was not your instinctual reaction, that’s okay too. You’re still welcome to visit!)

Firstly, Tin Roof Orlando is a Live Music Joint. It also happens to be a restaurant, soon-to-be featuring an Americana (or, as they describe on their website, TennTex) style menu and a full service bar with indoor AND outdoor seating. Tin Roof opens for business on Monday, January 5th, 2015 at 11am but will be open for a big New Year’s Eve party! (Click here for more information and other big announcements!)

The idea started in Nashville in 2002 when Jason and Elizabeth Sheer wanted to give local musicians a place to jam, as well as a place to hangout when they weren’t cranking it up to 11 on stage. Encouraging locals, musicians and non, to just ‘hang out’ became their mantra and being classified a “Regular,” is the Tin Roof equivalent of being called “Norm!” at Cheers in Boston. Obviously, a high honor.

I hung out recently with the team from Tin Roof Orlando, and was quite impressed with the space. The location, at the entrance to The Orlando Eye and across the way from YardHouse, is very conveniently located. It will be even more visible in the next couple of weeks with the addition of this neon gal standing on – of course – the roof!
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The 50s-60s roadside feel inside is casual and comfortable. Tin Roof will be open for lunch at 11am and will close at 2am, seven days a week, making it a cool hangout spot for our service industry folks getting out late. Also a great benefit, the neighboring I Drive 360 parking garage is FREE to park. When The Orlando Eye, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and SeaLife Aquarium are completed, visitors and locals alike could spend a day at the complex, becoming “Regulars” at Tin Roof Orlando in no time!

Things I appreciate about Tin Roof Orlando so far…


  • The management. They really want their guest to have a great time and come back often!


  • The bar area is equipped with ample power outlets which have traditional 110 plugs *and* TWO slots to charge via USB! After a long day, I could totally see taking a load off, enjoying a cold one and charging my phone. Of course, I would tip my bar staff handsomely (Hi Sammi!) for this and you should too.


  • Keep an eye peeled. Nifty little neighborhood touches and shout outs to Florida, Central Florida and other locations with meaning to the staff all over the place! Don’t be surprised to see love for my Reds (Go Big Red Machine) or even a little Roll Tide action.


  • Since ‘The Roof is a Live Music Joint, they fully embrace local music and encourage them to come out and play! (Bands: For now, email your EPKs and info to infoorlando[at]tinroofbars.com) Speaking of, music (and vinyl) lovers will also appreciate the decor…

I haven’t sampled their menu items… yet. You’ll see yummy menu photos and Instagrams in another blog very soon! Here are my Top 5 most anticipated menu items:

  • Chicken and Waffle Nuggets (w/ Benton’s bacon-maple syrup)
  • Buttermilk Tenders (buffalo style, tons of ranch)
  • O-Eye Mac & Cheese (maple-smoked white cheddar & breadcrumbs) <– YES!!!
  • Hot Chicken Torta (Buttermilk fried chicken rubbed with cayenne, ranch potato salad and pickles on a Mexican style roll)
  • Roof Burger (white cheddar cheese & all the fixins including bacon)

Will you be a ‘Regular?’ I know I will!

Tussauds Orlando Welcomes Selena Gomez to Florida

by: @jenvargas

Wait a minute. Was that…? SELENA GOMEZ… at Lake Eola?!

Photo: Courtesy of Madame Tussauds Orlando

Photo: Courtesy of Madame Tussauds Orlando

(Don’t worry, everyone at Top 5 did a triple take too!)

Great news for all Florida Selenators and Beliebers! Selena Gomez… ‘s wax counterpart was indeed at Lake Eola last week! It’s not as hot outside, so wax-Selena decided to take a stroll around Lake Eola as well as take a walk around the Convention Center and down International Drive.

DID YOU SEE HER? C’mon, we know SOMEONE out there must have taken a selfie…

Actress and pop songstress Selena Gomez will be the first wax-lebrity to call Orlando home when Florida’s first ever Madame Tussauds attraction opens next Spring at the new I-Drive 360 entertainment complex.

Guests at Madame Tussauds Orlando will experience the essence of America with this brand new, immersive and interactive wax experience, bursting with family fun and world-class entertainment, as they move through themed areas meeting all of their favorite stars from award-winning film actors, to historical and modern world leaders, sports stars, music legends as well as figures important to Florida. Visitors can shake hands with president, get on stage with rock stars and pop princesses, or get up close and personal with a Hollywood heartthrob and take the ultimate selfie!

Which A-list personality would you like to see come to Orlando next? Of all the important and historical figures in Florida’s history, who do YOU think deserves a place in OUR wax history? Tweet us @CentralFLTop5 and let us know! Follow @TussaudsOrlando to see who the next big name coming to Orlando may be!