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OmarfromtheO visits Detroit, Michigan Part 4

In this final Detroit centric episode of #OmarfromtheO, Omar and the gang spend their last few hours enjoying the cool, 68 degree weather doing what? Roaming around and getting 100% all natural Angus Beef burgers from Brome Burger in Dearborn, of course!

What’s cool about Dearborn? Lots of things! It’s the birthplace of Henry Ford, The DHM (Dearborn Historical Museum) hosts regular adult Ghost Walks in Southeast Michigan, and their tourism guide turns into a really cool walk-or-ride tour of the city!

If any issues come across when accessing the pdf with the infromation try to use sodapdf.com to convert it online

Among all their cool projects, the Dearborn Community Fund hosts two donation-funded projects that caught our eye;

1) Pockets of Perception (POP) student design team works with local business people, instructors, and artists to design AND install a permanent public art project!

2) The Fund is partnering with the East Dearborn Downtown Development Authority (EDDDA) to repurpose Dearborn’s historic City Hall building into an ArtSpace, an affordable work/live space for artists and their families!

Among the many things Omar’s Great/Good list for Detroit:

  • Great first trip to Detroit, Michigan!
  • Different, educational and fun!
  • See old faces (Hi Rose!)
  • Met new ones
  • Cool, cool hoodie worthy weather!
  • Going off the cuss cusp
  • Great group of friends

RoadTip: At some point you may have heard of Michigan referred to as “The Mitten State.” Here is a great story about how this came to be: http://michiganradio.org/post/when-did-we-start-calling-michigan-mitten-state#stream/0

Where did Omar find a little Magic in the Motor City? Watch Episode 4 to find out…

OmarfromtheO visits Detroit, Michigan Part 3

Still in Michigan, Omar looks for a coney with ‘character’ and decides to visit Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island. The gang waves hi to Canada and takes a casual stroll around Downtown Detroit. He wonders how his Floridian friends will stand wearing shorts in the not-so-hot Detroit weather.

The gang wraps up their last full day in Detroit by checking out Greek Independence Day parade, and doing laps around the old Detroit Tigers’ Stadium in Corktown. Really old. And (formerly) wooden?! People started playing baseball in this place in 1896! The stadium went all steel and fancy in 1912 and played its last game on “The Corner” on September 27th, 1999.

After several attempts to save Tiger Stadium, only its playing field remains, but the City of Detroit plans on repurposing this historic site for a youth sports complex and headquarters for the Detroit Police Athletic League. Atta boy, Detroit!

RoadTip: Keep your head up while being aware of killer potholes.

How exactly does one balance two forks and two toothpicks on top of a salt shaker? Be amazed and watch Episode 3 to see for yourself!

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OmarfromtheO visits Detroit, Michigan Part 1

Starting this week, we’re sharing with you the many video adventures of Omar! Omar is a local filmmaker who loves to be creative. He is also a HUGE Orlando Magic fan. [#PureMagic!]

What we love most about Omar is his positivity. He’s down for anything that will make people laugh, and leave them thinking and with a big smile on their face! This is exactly what happened to me after watching his recent engagement video to a pretty lady named Marianthy – but more on that a little later.

Central Floridians have probably seen his ‘#OmarFace’ stickers in random places around town, or around the world for that matter! You’ll see more live ‘Omar Face’ in his newest creative venture, a vlog called “OmarfromtheO!”

In his premiere episode, our man Omar and his pals are getting ready for his friends’ Rose and Mike’s wedding. His flight out of Orlando International Airport is taking off early… really early, but Omar’s used to early set calls. Bed hair or not, Omar is ready for whatever the day brings!

Should the gang Uber or just get a rent-a-car? Too bad they can’t take Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s ExpressTram around town! Kinda crazy how this tram has no internal motor and levitate on a half-inch of air created by 72 air pads on the bottom, right?

RoadTip: Safety FIRST. Always. Each butt should get its own seat. No floors.

See the DFW Delta terminal, many grimaces, The Gateway Bridge, a tied-arch bridge in Taylor, a 50 year old, eight story Uniroyal Tire, 8 Mile Road, the David K. Page Building at Children’s Hospital of Michigan – Troy, and more Detroit favorites in Omar’s first webisode, “Detroit!”

Watch Episode 1 here:

FACT: Detroit is significantly cooler, in temperature, than Florida on any given day.

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