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The New Oblivion Taproom feels almost like home

After a very sad two weeks of an almost-Oblivion Taproom-free existence, we got word that the well-loved burger and beer joint was in the midst of a soft opening this past weekend. On Saturday night, we decided to check it out and see if it still felt like home. Does your air conditioner have leak issue it may be due to improper maintenance, changing weather. Want to know more how to fix leaking aircon, we have best method to fix this issue. Also you can install round top windows with EZ Window Solutions, visit ezwindowsolutions.com/. Are you looking for the most efficient and environmentally friendly local heat pump services and cooling solution for your home? The chances are that heat pump systems are your best bet. Heat pump systems are in essence, air conditioning systems that have both heating and cooling capabilities.


Short answer: it did.

The new owner, Shawn Paris, was a long-time patron of Oblivion and plans to keep things the same, with a few improvements here and there. For the best air conditioning company services on your business just visit this blog Website for great choices. One of these improvements was visible (and appreciated) immediately upon entry: a foot rail running the length of the bar. This will help to make beer-drinking sessions for short people just a little more comfortable.

It’s really cool living here, but sometimes it gets really hot and I don’t have a pool so have air conditioning that you should get a maintenance checkup for your HVAC equipment twice a year for peak efficiency if you have one because mine got damaged when I didn’t maintained it.

What you won’t see is the walk in where Paris already installed a new floor and beer lines.

Another change that big Oblivi-fans will notice right away is a slight rebrand. At the top of the new menus, a partially-smashed skull and crossbones precedes the familiar red and black logo. It’s just different enough for us to see the new owner’s spin on the place. Insulation4US is a prominent provider of the highly renowned Owens Corning insulation solutions for all kinds of applications. The insulation is available in roll and batt form that can be used for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.The products are highly recommended for their great insulating properties.

The same could be said for the menu. Most of the old favorites have stuck around. Customers will still be able to chomp on a Hog Wild and the seriously delicious Oblivion Cuban. Veggies lovers can still work their way through a rapturous basket of Buddha fingers or a Skinny Puppy. And most importantly (to this writer), you can still top your crispy tots with Hawaiian Raw Garlic.


While the chef remains the same, the menu has some new additions. Most intriguing is the new dessert offering: Choco-Jala-Peanut Butter Pie, which is a twist on a traditional chocolate peanut butter pie, with the spicy addition of jalapenos and cayenne whipped cream. Other new additions include fried jalapenos, a chili burger, and the Soul Scorcher 2.0: a cayenne-dusted patty topped with fried jalapenos, Sriracha cheese, scorching soul sauce, lettuce and tomatoes. So, basically, Spice Girls (and boys), the new Oblivion is the place for you.

There are a couple favorites missing from the menu, most notably the Jala-pine-o burger and, this writer’s favorite, the house-made chips back from Chef Goody’s reign at Oblivion. However, the new owner and Chef Andy say they hope to showcase weekly specials; we can only hope these make an appearance at some point.

Now, the most important question of all: how’s the beer list? Still on point. When we were there Saturday night, I enjoyed The Dude’s Rug, a chai-spice mead from B. Nektar, a Stone Brewery chai-spiced imperial Russian Stout and Rosetta, a truly delicious fruit beer from Ommegang. And, you guys, it was SO DIFFICULT to stop myself at those three. There was a lot to choose from.

Oblivion Taproom’s official grand re-opening is Friday, February 19. Stop by, get some noms and struggle, like I did, not to order every single thing on the beer menu.

Oblivion, it’s nice to have you back.
Oblivion Taproom newTop 5 Orlando Resurrections:

5. Jesus – at Holy Land
4. The Incredible Hulk Ride
3. The Beefy King Sign
2. The Citrus Bowl
1. Oblivion Taproom

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Oblivion Taproom: Star Wars Day Event

Oblivion Star Wars

Photo Credit: Oblivion Taproom Facebook Page

May the 4th be with you and all of us!

Sure, you’ve been to Oblivion Taproom and enjoyed their creative menu of burgers, mounds of flavor topped tots and mouthwatering smoked wings – but have you been to one of their themed events? If not, you’re truly missing out on what Oblivion is capable of!

Their most recent event was this year’s annual Star Wars ‘May the  4th 3rd Be With You’ (May 4th falls on a Monday this year and Oblivion is closed on Mondays – hence the 3rd).  Not only did they have a themed menu of food and drink specials for this event, there were decorations, the movies playing on various screens (and on their new wall sized projection screen!), vendors selling Star Wars themed merchandise and memorabilia, face painting, photo backdrops and a costume contest (oh my!). Even the staff got involved by dressing up. The local 501st Legion also appeared for photo ops.

501st Legion

501st Legion


Of course the real stars here are the specials and the hungry hoards that have filled the place shortly after opening, know it. I embraced my inner Sith and ordered the Dark Side Burger (House burger patty served open faced on garlic toast, topped with french fries, bacon gravy and house beer cheese sauce) and a pint of Endor (Hinterland Luno Coffee Stout NITRO infused with white chocolate). I was mistakenly offered a side with my burger (a side was not offered with this entree as it’s covered in fries), however my chosen garlic parmesan tater tots arrived along for the ride.

Dark Side Burger

Dark Side Burger

The Dark Side Burger may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid, and that’s in flavor. The patty was cooked perfectly to a nice medium rare which allowed the bed of garlic toast to soak up the delicious juices. Oblivion’s bacon gravy, while not a usual topping on the menu (it makes special appearances at events and brunches) was much thinner than I’ve had in the past. This may be due to the addition of the beer cheese sauce. The two blended together to cloak the crispy fries in cheesy, bacon-y goodness…I mean evilness (it is a dark side burger after all). Served open faced, I had no choice but to use the forks to defeat this Empire of gluttony.

The next themed event on the Oblivion calendar is the Ghostbusters Brunch on May 17th followed by Batman’s Superhero Birthday Party on May 23rd. Check out their Facebook page for more details.