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Midwestern Food Obsession Comes to Orlando Bringing One Local Netizen To Tears

Guest Post by @RockstarExtreme

Close your eyes.

You’ve just walked into Cousins Subs.

The delicious smell of fresh-baked bread, tasty cookies, and happiness wrap around you. A friendly “Hello!” is heard echoing across the shop. Your friends that you just went out with last night, even your boss, are hanging out waving a friendly “hey” to you! The gentleman in front of you is just picking up his office order he placed online and smiles as he gets ready to head back to work knowing he will fully enjoy the meal ahead.

As you stand in line, you begin to ponder what you’re going to enjoy for your lunch today.

With so many options, how can you choose?

Between the amazing and famous Cheese Steak, the all so popular Meatball & Provolone, to the Big Daddy, there’s so many sub options! Then of course, you have to decide on sides! What better side than the OH so famous Wisconsin Cheese Curds! Of course, you could choose their perfectly flavored fries, or some chips! You have to make sure to get their famous cookies though for dessert and then you savor getting back to your office (or home) to indulge in this magnificent masterpiece!

Cousins subs is my all time favorite sub shop. I grew up in Milwaukee, WI right down the road from the store in Franklin, WI. I still remember going in and having the team say my dad’s name and that his order was done, then they would look at me and say “Hi Melanie! Would you like a cookie today?” Man. I felt like I was on top of the world whenever I went in there! I always remember how excited I was when my dad told us we were getting Cousins for lunch (or dinner)! Next to Friday Fish Fry’s back home, this was my favorite meal!

Now, of all places, I live in Orlando, FL. I haven’t been able to really go back home in about 10 years and enjoy all the great memories (like visiting the Lake Front, eating Kopp’s Ice Cream, Friday Fish Fry with the Family, or a quick and amazing Cousins Sub for lunch) so when I logged onto Twitter the other day and saw a tweet from Cousins, I freaked. I told them I wished they were here and I missed them. Lo and behold, they tweeted back:

Cousins Subs@cousinssubs 10 Oct

@cousinssubs ugh how I miss you guys soooooo much!!!! :( Come to Orlando, Fl #UCF area! So many good memories enjoying y'all as a kid ♥  — Melanie J (@RockstarExtreme) October 10, 2013    @RockstarExtreme we have some news you might be interested in.... http://t.co/V1VRMn7Dax  — Cousins Subs (@cousinssubs) October 10, 2013  @cousinssubs HOLY MOTHER OF SUBS THERE'S A COUSINS HERE?!?!?!?! Have I died and gone to heaven?!?!?! — Melanie J (@RockstarExtreme) October 10, 2013

Shut. Up. I began to freak out! I LOVE COUSINS SUBS! I had to divorce Jimmy Johns right then and there on the spot:

So here’s what I’m saying. I love Cousins Subs. I haven’t had the chance to do a full review of the one in Orlando yet, but I am going this week and cannot wait to share the great experience with you folks! And hey, if you want to join me, let’s make it a date! I would love to have you join me in a childhood favorite and remember, “A better day is just a bite away”!


cousins subs

Check out the new Cousins Subs at SODO on South Orange Ave in Orlando.  Now Open.

Food Truck Wars in Orlando for GOOD!

 We mean Titusville !!!! Check out this great event and support ourm.org!

Join All Things Sweet by O.U.R. Mission, along with 39 other food trucks at Food Truck Wars event this Saturday, December 1st from 4-10 pm.

Titusville Pine St. & Broad Ave.

Titusville, FL 32780

About All Things Sweet by O.U.R. Mission:  bakery started with the goal of making life sweet again!  It is an extension of the Orlando Union Rescue Mission’s baking program that teaches homeless men and women baking and cake decorating in an extensive 9-12 month program.  The program provides real job skills for them to become self-sufficient as they transition from being homeless to being able to launch a career in the culinary arts and start a new chapter in their lives.  For more information, please visit www.allthingssweetorlando.org

About Food Truck Wars:  featuring gourmet food trucks from throughout the State of Florida who will battle it out for awards and prizes.  For more information, please visit www.foodtruckwars.com



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