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Change Giving App Launch at Crooked Can Brewery

Change Giving is a Fundraising/Micro Giving App that lets you donate your spare change to fundraising campaigns and charities. Simplify the way you give.

Come celebrate our big launch party at the Crooked Can!! We are so excited to share Change Giving with the world!! We are happy to announce that this launch party will be a fundraiser as well to help raise money for some amazing local charities, Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses and A Cause 4 Paws Rescue.

Change Giving is going to change the way we give, making it easier than ever to connect with our charitable causes. Donate your spare change to National, Local and Individual Campaign Fundraisers. Download the App and start exploring Fundraising Campaigns to donate to or start your own Fundraising Campaign and make a positive impact on your community. Finally, a social media app that’s focused on helping others. Change Giving makes Giving Social.

A little bit of change can go a long way.

The App is available on the Apple and Google app stores.
Download the App and search for our friends campaigns:
Fuzzy Therapy Miniature Horses
A Cause 4 Paws Rescue

Valencia College Grad Brandon Chang starts ProjectPri.de

There is no doubt. Orlando is a town of love and compassion. Our community has shown its heart to the world this week. We’re more than just a vacation town. We are a town of culture, compassion, and creatives. Members of our arts, tech and digital media industries want to volunteer and help our families just as much as anyone else. Enter: local web engineer and graphic designer, Brandon Chang. Now in case you want a scholarship to study here o any other place we recommend you to read this article.

After moving to Central Florida with a good friend to attend Valencia College’s Graphic Design program, Brandon Chang fell in love with Orlando and made our city his home. After graduation, he got a cool job at PurpleRockScissors, a local digital design agency, and met and fell in love again with an even cooler lady named BG. Kingston, Jamaica may be the place of his birth but like many, he made Orlando his adopted hometown.

Upon hearing of the attack on Pulse Orlando, like all of us, Brandon immediately wanted to help his hometown. With a unique skillset and a simple idea, he turned to his co-workers at PRPL to make it happen. “I was inspired by the community and the people who decided to come together after the shootings, and took time to gather for a gesture towards the affected families and friends, and to the larger LGBTQ community,” he says. “I also could not of done this without the amazing talent of my peers and co-workers at Purple Rock Scissors who really helped make the idea a reality.

Check out Purple’s moving video tribute to Orlando called, “Orlando United.”

His idea has now turned into a website called Project Pri.de, a site where Facebook users can include their profile images on what he hopes will be an infinite rainbow flag on the web filled with pictures of Orlando’s LGBTQ community, its allies, and eventually the allies and members of the LGBTQ around the world. “I hope that with Project Pride, I can hope to bring the amazing sense of community that has been happening here, to places and people who want to show their support and make a stand, no matter how small, for those affected. I hope that over time, we can show this collaborative flag as a measure of the strength of the community.

Great idea from ‘just a guy with an eye for small details!’ A social show of solidarity to bring us all together. Simple, right? Brandon says, “Anybody can help by taking part! Add yourself to the project, and be a piece of the whole. Share it and hopefully share some love along with it.

Project Pride 2 #OrlandoUnited

Currently there are 819 supporters, including yours truly. How cool would it be to see this number grow into the tens of thousands… millions… BILLIONS?! Click on the image above to add your profile picture! Oh, and don’t worry Twitter and Instagrammers. Brandon and the team will try and support linkage to these social sites too, and as soon as possible.

Speaking of the Project Pri.de team, it’s a big one. Brandon wanted to make sure to extend gratitude and shout outs to all his co-workers for their time and extraordinary efforts. “I’d just like to to thank the people who took part in building this project along-side me, who really shaped and molded the idea into what it is today,” he says. “A huge shout out to Matt Eagle, Devin Jacoviello, Rob Ignasiak, Don Page, Dean Wagman, Erin Butler, Brandon Shaw, and others who took their time to make this happen. Also a thank you to all those who participated and added themselves to the project, and shared.

Find out more about Brandon Chang and check out his impressive portfolio here: http://brandonchang.me.

[UPDATE] Local note: In tribute to the lives lost at Pulse and in support of freedom lovers worldwide, tomorrow morning, June 17th, Orange County Government will display Section 93 of the Sea-to-Sea Rainbow Flag on their Administration Building at 201 S. Rosalind Ave. Today, Executive Director of LoveisLove Key West, Mark Ebenhoch will be in town with the flag. Find more information on their Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/179054329164226/

The Sea-to-Sea Flag has become a globally-recognized symbol of the LGBTQ movement and symbolizes acceptance, understanding, education, solidarity and inclusion.

The original rainbow flag was designed by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker in 1978 as a symbol of gay and lesbian pride in response to anti-gay activities. In the spring of 2003, Baker and a team of volunteers cut and sewed a 1.25-mile-long version of the flag in Key West, to celebrate the iconic banner’s 25th anniversary. On June 15, 2003, some 2,000 volunteers unfurled the flag from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico along the entire length of Duval Street, in a sea-to-sea representation of pride and diversity. Sections of the flag have since traveled worldwide.

Weekend Launch at Orlando Science Center

Weekend Launch is a 3-day experience taking you from idea to startup over the course of a weekend. Work with Orlando’s best entrepreneurs, designers, and developers to launch a startup.

Get advice from local thought leaders, learn new skills, build an amazing network, and launch your ideas at Weekend Launch Orlando Nov 6 – 8.

Orlando Tech Association Invited to White House’s First Tech Meetup

Central Florida is known for a few specific areas of industry on the global level, and our high-tech industry is at the top of that list. Big companies like Electronic Arts, Siemens, L-3 Communications, Raytheon and Voxx International are in our backyard. Did you know that Florida, specifically Orlando, is the number one destination for Modeling, Simulation, Training in THE WORLD? Just as Florida has a Tourism Corridor, we also have a Tech Corridor that is on top of the game and ever expanding. Great news for our community, right?

Photo Credit: White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Photo Credit: White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Want to hear more great news? The White House (you know, the big one in Washington, D.C.) is having its first ever Tech Meetup this Friday and our own Orlando Tech Association has been personally invited to attend by Megan Smith, our United States Chief Technology Officer! Currently, there are over 30,000 tech meetups across the country, so to be handpicked as one of them is a pretty big deal.

Ok. It’s a HUGE deal!

Orlando Tech Association is a community-built organization made up of Orlando’s top technology entrepreneurs and leaders with the purpose of connecting, promoting and fostering the growth of technology companies in Orlando. Through its monthly meetup events, hackathons and developer days dedicated to demonstrate the latest and greatest innovations in hardware and an online pdf software at https://www.sodapdf.com/sign-pdf/, OTA is quickly becoming THE tech community catalyst.

They even host a week’s worth of informational sessions, demonstrations, networking opportunities and parties called Orlando Tech Week – and the #TechTakeover is happening THIS WEEK, around Downtown Orlando! Check out the schedule here: http://week.orlandotech.org/#schedule.

Top 5 Recommends:

Orlando Tech Week

The White House’s Windows are equipped with window replacement atlanta ga for better maintenance and making sure that the white house windows are in good quality. inaugural Tech Meetup has a few goals, a Top 5 list of questions if you will, to collectively ponder:

  • Share best practices
  • Scale outreach and inclusion efforts
  • Find ways to help more Americans join in on our #InnovationNation
  • Brainstorm on how to engage more young people
  • “Upgrade” the ability to include everyone generally in tech and innovation

Chief Technology Officer Smith says, “We also know that more Americans need to plug into the new interconnected ecosystems we live in, to surface their talents, and connect them to opportunities they deserve, and we know that there are more ways than ever to leverage networks and technology to improve lives. We have a lot of work to do to bridge connections and ensure all of our neighbors can participate.

Can’t make it to the White House? You can still join the conversation on social media through the hashtags #WHMeetup and #orlandotech, as well as watching LIVE this Friday, 9am to 12pm, via WhiteHouse.gov/Live.

Congratulations Orlando Tech Association!!

Two Orlando Fathers Create STEM Teaching Robot

Play Smarter Meet TROBO—THE FIRST huggable, interactive, story-telling robot that promotes science and learning!

Give the gift of fun and exciting learning all wrapped up in a cuddly toy!  Purchase a TROBO Storytelling Robot and give a toy that not only makes a great companion, but encourages curiosity in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)!

TROBOs are amazing, interactive robots that actually read to children out loud and have the potential for a virtually endless story library. These interactive robots could help children with quiz solutions and can offer Brain test answers if children are stuck playing word games. Compatible with iPads and iPhones and incorporating their own TROBO app, TROBO allows children to build their own avatar, include their name in the stories, and participate in interactive puzzles every few pages—a welcome relief from the mindless and zombie-creating tech activities usually available. Plus, arriving ready to go with five included stories such as “How honey is made”, “What is lightning?”,“How does a train work?” and more, TROBO creates an early love of learning through fun and personalized technology. This is an innovative and practical, easy to follow program created by Jim Yang used to teach young children how to read and (drum-roll, please) teaches parents how to teach them. You can click here to learn more about the children learning reading review.

Companions first and teachers second, TROBOs are incredibly soft and feature no hard parts, making them perfect for cuddling, hugging and as snuggly sleeping pals.  Innovative and one-of-a-kind, TROBO makes a loveable and engaging friend creating a special bond between curious children and science.  It’s no wonder they took 2nd place at Startup Weekend, were accepted into one of six slots in the Starter Studio accelerator; invited into CANVS, a brand new tech sector co-working space; and won 2 “Maker of Merit” awards at the 2014 Maker Faire in Orlando, Florida.

Like most parents, TROBO Creators, Chris Harden and Jeremy Scheinberg found their children playing with mindless apps and watching TV more and more.  Disappointed with the lack of educational value, Jeremy and Chris set out to create a toy and app that would not only be entertaining and fun, but that they could also feel good about giving to their kids.  As engineers in the theme park and gaming industries, they realized there was a lack of quality STEM education available for young children. They put the incredible storytelling ability they learned while working with Disney, Lego and Electronic Arts to use in a fun and engaging way—TROBO was born.

Now with a campaign on Kickstarter, Chris and Jeremy are working to bring compelling stories to kids with questions about the world around them and to create a lifelong learning of science and engineering! Be one of the first to purchase your own TROBO on Kickstarter, give one to an underserved program, or make a donation of any amount and help build smarter toys!

Watch how it works here: http://youtu.be/aL4ZGHGpFgc

TROBO the Storytelling Robot (Video+Pre-Order)

It started at an Orlando Startup weekend event and has grown and evolved to this:

(Now live on Kickstarter HERE)   OrlandoTrobo

(How to support in 3 clicks: http://herecomestrobo.com/kickstarter/share/ )

Back this now on Kickstarter HERE


Orlando Entrepreneur Becomes Online Hero

Yes, We are talking about Eric Delisle.

Him and his team are currently funding the project( you can still jump in!)

Just as the laws broke to allow the NSA to monitor the Internet, ICLOAK is being funded world wide on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, to enable online anonymity.

 This pinky-sized USB drive offers online anonymity for the layman. It’s as simple as a reboot of a computer, and easy enough a monkey could do it.
ICLOAK is a portable anonymity tool that enables you to browse anonymously on and securely on any Windows, Linux, or Mac computer
100% Anonymous and Secure OS + Browser Tool
Completely portable and boots in seconds
Immune to Virus, Trojan, Malware, Etc. attacks
Switchable anonymous IP addresses
Super-simple plug-and-play features


Back now @ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/icloak/icloak-tm-stik-easy-powerful-online-privacy-for-yo


Here’s an example of the coverage they’ve already received:


Full Details @ https://icloak.org/


Orlando EDC’s Schwartz Tech & Innovation Awards Seeking Nominations and other Advancements

New partners, categories and event format for this year’s tech and innovation awards from the Orlando EDC

Each year, the Orlando Economic Development Commission (EDC) honors companies and individuals for bright ideas, creative solutions, pioneering research and support for the tech community with an awards program. This year, the EDC is adding new partners, new categories and changing the format of the event. OrlandoEDC

The EDC is partnering with the Orlando Tech Association for the first time and the Florida High Tech Corridor Council for the awards program. Now in its 24th year, the event is named after the late William C. Schwartz, an avid community leader in Orlando, business pioneer and innovator within the field of optics and photonics.

This year’s award categories include:

  • Regional Innovator of the Year – (One from each jurisdiction – Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola Counties and the City of Orlando) – Recognizes companies for creating, developing and successfully implementing products, ideas and processes that positively impact our community.
  • Researcher of the Year – (Academic Researcher and Industry Researcher) – Recognizes individual researchers from academia and industry who are pioneering exploratory and cutting-edge research to enhance products, services or other applications in any field.
  • Diversity in Tech – Recognizes an individual who strives to promote understanding and appreciation of diversity in the region’s tech industry, either through service to women or minorities or who serves as a role model to others.
  • Tech Investor – Recognizes an individual who has financially supported the region’s tech industry. Nominees do not need to be local, but their investment must be.
  • Tech Community Champion – Recognizes an individual who does not directly work in the region’s tech industry but supports its efforts, entrepreneurship and expansion.

“The EDC has been proud to recognize technological innovation over the years with this awards program, but we wanted to ensure that the program kept up with needs and desires of our evolving tech community,” said Rick Weddle, president and CEO of the Orlando EDC.

“Reaching out to the Orlando Tech Association to partner speaks volumes of the EDC’s growing engagement with the local tech scene,” said Orrett Davis, executive director of the Orlando Tech Association.

The call for entries and nominations are open from July 1 through August 1. The winners will be announced at an event held from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 30, at Orchid Garden at Church Street Station in downtown Orlando to coincide with Orlando Tech Week.

Two additional awards will be given during the Sept. 30 celebration recognizing student entrepreneurs from top regional academic business competitions and an innovative company from the Florida High Tech Corridor Council.  For more information, visit orlandoedc.com/schwartz.


VentureBoom Conference Florida 2014

Unique Conference Designed By and For Entrepreneurs in Central Florida


The conference will host 10 distinguished business owners and speakers, including entrepreneurs, founders, CEO’s, and consultants. Keynote speakers include Mike Holt, founder and CEO of Mike Holt Enterprises, a globalized fire and electrical contractor training provider; Renaut van der Riet founder of Axum Coffee, a thriving social conscious local business; and Bess Auer, founder and CEO of Florida Blog Conference, the state’s premier gathering of bloggers; and many more.

“We are very excited about the conference, we really think the attendees are going to walk away not only inspired, but with some practical tools they can apply the next day to their new venture or current business,” said Sean Blackburn, the organiser of healthcare event management services. “The level of enthusiasm we have received from speakers, sponsors and attendees for this unique conference is really impressive. We honestly didn’t think people would get this excited to be coming together on this topic of entrepreneurship”

The conference is looking forward to bringing together the many of the women and men who already have made great impacts in the local Central Florida economy. Community leaders and members of Community Foundation of South Lake’s Board of Directors also have expressed their enthusiasm for what they say is the start of a new culture in South Lake County and the surrounding areas. “The proceeds from this conference will go directly back into our community, to hard working local entrepreneurs. We want to encourage and help be successful, remain here, and improve our local economy.” said Rocky DeStefano, a long-time board member of the foundation.

Topics at the conference include Entrepreneurship, Best Practices for Sustainable Small Businesses, Corporate Social Responsibility, Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs, and How to Launch Your Next Venture.

Thus far, sponsors for the conference include Premier Power Inc., Clean the World, Axum Coffee, MentionTribe.com, FlBlogCon, Go For Launch Venture Management, The Whiddon Group, Trippin’ with Tara, Kalos Services Inc, Worthday, and The Inspiring Awesome Podcast. The conference is hosted in partnership with The Community Foundation of South Lake, The Florida Small Business Development Center and The Clermont Community Center.

The conference will be held July 10 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, at the Clermont Community Center in Clermont, FL.

All proceeds from the conference will benefit The Community Foundation of South Lake. A discounted Early Bird ticket is now on sale for $19 and will be available through June 27th. (Tickets will rise $5 every two weeks afterwards)

For more information please visit VentureBoomConference.com and to order tickets please visit VBC14.eventbrite.com.

Orlando’s Tech Job Fair: Upstart Expo

Finding a cool tech job in Orlando shouldn’t be impossible. With the growing number of technology companies in the Orlando area, sometimes it is simply a matter of having direct access to employers.

Upstart Expo puts you in direct contact with the hiring managers and startup entrepreneurs looking to hire top tech talent like you!
Open positions range from development, design and engineering to management, marketing and sales. We unite quality companies with top talent in a casual, creative atmosphere.
It’s time to suit up (or don’t:), show up, and get hired!
Upstart Expo
Saturday, June 28th, 2014
9am – 12pm

 IZEA, EA, Wyndham, Carespotter, Artstarter and more! 


Orlando’s FRESHeTECH’s Splash Shower Tunes mentioned on TODAY Show!

Congrats to Orlando Based Tech Company FRESHeTECH! (Now As Seen on TV!)

Splash Shower Tunes is a Bluetooth, waterproof speaker that gives you complete control of your iPhone in the shower. With it, you can skip tracks, play and pause your favorite music apps, or even telephone answer calls without the need to dry off.

The same creative minds bringing you the New All Terrain-(You need to Pre-Order this!)

See their full collection of projects @ Freshetech.com

Save  25% all day long “TodayShow”  TodayShow


Video and details soon!


MotiveAte, Moebiusio and WriteQuilto to showcase at Orlando Tech Meetup

See live demos by local tech companies!

Orlando Tech Meetup is a monthly meetup for the Central Florida tech community to showcase emerging ideas, products and services, and receive open feedback.

Thursday, May 15th at 7pm:   Demoing —

MotiveAte – http://motiveate.co
MotiveAte is a simple, fun, and easy to use application that allows people to effortlessly track what they eat by creating a daily photo food diary. MotiveAte combines game-like elements and a social environment to create an interactive platform that will help people become more aware of what they are eating every day, help users undergo behavior modification to encourage healthier choices, and ultimately allow users to take control of their health and wellness

Moebius – http://moebius.io
Moebius is a visual editor that allows you to create a website without having to type a single line of code. The simple interface in the app allows you to quickly layout all the elements on the website. Moebius achieves this feature using the <canvas> tag and JavaScript.

Quil – http://quil.io
Email list management for writers.

Envy Labs 618 E. South St. Suite 620, Orlando, FL

Free and open to the public!   Free Parking on 3rd and 4th floor

Updates and full details. 

Other great upcoming meetups:

Navigating the Ecosystem for Your Venture

Social Media Business Best Practices  More at StarterStudo.com 



Orlando’s New Nonprofit Canvs Announces Coworking Membership Options & Availability

Orlando coworking space seeks tech companies looking for a new home 

Canvs, Orlando’s nonprofit, tech-centric coworking space, has many membership commitments by local companies and is looking for more to join. Leasing 17,189 sq. ft. on the first floor of the Church Street Exchange building, Canvs will accommodate 164 entrepreneurs and technologists [see floor plan].

They have an Upcoming Happy Hour Preview on May 14th http://www.meetup.com/Canvs-Events/events/180331122/

Canvs membership offers the benefits of a collaborative work environment with the added value of having the energy and support of an active community. The space offers multiple conference rooms, bike storage, gigabit Internet service, coffee, beer, snacks, lounge areas, a reception area and much more [see rendering]. Members will also benefit from proximity to SunRail, LYMMO service, downtown bars, restaurants, entertainment and Creative Village, although if you have move things of what you can take with you, you could storage them in a safe place like the EZE Box storage facility so you don’t have to worry they lost or brake when you’re gone.

Canvs coworking memberships are affordable alternatives to home offices and traditional real estate for startups

Pricing for social membership is just $100 where a Dedicated Desk is $450!

Pricing details HERE

Day Passes will also be available for $25, which gives access to a community desk, community network and other Canvs benefits. For membership inquiries, contact membership@canvs.org.* Multiple dedicated desks discount: first five desks are $450 each, second five desks are $400 each and next five are $350 each.


Canvs coworking memberships are affordable alternatives to home offices and traditional real estate. All membership plans are available month to month with no long term commitment.

* Multiple dedicated desks discount: first five desks are $450 each, second five desks are $400 each, and next five are $350 each.

Day Passes are available: A $25 day pass gives you access to a community desk, community network, and other Canvs benefits.

Canvs Co-Founder, V.J. LeBlanc comments on why he’s passionate about the project, “I’m most excited about the environment and opportunities Canvs will provide to Orlando’s technical entrepreneurs. Giving startups the support they need at an early stage is critical to nurturing their growth and ensuring their long-term success. Canvs is uniquely positioned to facilitate a new generation of successful technology ventures and solidify Orlando’s identity as an emerging technical hotbed.”


“Orlando’s tech community is strong, vibrant and growing, and Canvs will be our clubhouse, a place for us all to come together, exchange ideas and help each other grow,” said Carlos Carbonell, CEO and co-founder of Echo Interaction Firm – a mobile development firm – and President of the newly-formed Orlando Tech Association. “Echo has been through the startup journey and as we celebrate our fifth year in business, we look forward to joining the Canvs ecosystem to embrace the energy and serve as a mentor to new startups.”

Canvs will be holding a member happy hour Wednesday, May 14 at 6 p.m. on Church Street at the Church Street Tavern for all current and prospective members. At the event Canvs will give an overview of the space, memberships and updates on construction, plans and more. Media are invited.

Membership inquiries can contact membership@canvs.org or visit canvs.org.

About Canvs

Canvs is a coworking space and nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Orlando’s startup community and expanding the entrepreneurial ecosystem by making it easier for anyone to startup. Founded by Philip Holt, V.J. LeBlanc, Jeremy Paulding and Chris Staymates – the founding team behind SPLYT – Canvs aims to transform Orlando into a top 10 city nationally for tech startups and to assist in the creation of 5,000 high-wage tech jobs over the next decade. For more information, visit Canvs’s website (www.canvs.org), Twitter (@CanvsORL), Instagram and Facebook page.

Orlando’s Tech and Startup Community Directory Online: Meet Orlando.io

The Site is Now Live! As of right now 51 people are registered!

We are going to share with you some people we want to meet! Special thanks to Orrett Davis for making this! (We suggest you follow him @ODavis )

Tweet or Facebook us who you want to know or if you just registered!

Orlando Tech and Startup Community Directory – http://Orlando.io

Do you know this guy? We love Brian (That me)




1. Jen http://www.orlando.io/profile/jen-vargas

2.  MArk: http://www.orlando.io/profile/mark-bunker

3.Joshua http://www.orlando.io/profile/joshua-johnson

4. hmmm who to add here?!


Go now: Orlando Tech and Startup Community Directory – http://Orlando.io



Orlando Tech and Startup Community Directory – http://Orlando.io