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Orlando’s 48 Hour Film Project returns Aug 22-24

Lights… camera… ACTION, Orlando filmmakers!!

The 48 Hour Film Project Orlando is seeking filmmakers, actors, musicians, and artists of all kinds! Filmmakers of all levels of proficiency are welcome to sign up for this contest. Filmmaker and actor meetups are happening every week before the August 22nd Kickoff Event at CuePhoria Billiards and Cafe in Winter Park.

Teams from around the world gather to make a short film – from concept to completion – in just one weekend! (Check out our wrap up from last year, as well as Orlando Weekly’s cover story by resident Film Critic, Cameron Meier.)

Last year’s Orlando winner, “TechSquad” from Team Creative Inlet, has screened at notable film festivals local and abroad including the Florida Film Festival, Sanford’s awesome Love Your Shorts Film Festival, the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival and the upcoming Central Florida (CENFLO) Film Festival in Ocoee on Labor Day weekend. (Also screening at CENFLO is a short called The Conversation, a film by our own Guest Contributor Nando Torres of Bad Kitty Films!)

Orlando’s “TechSquad” advanced to Filmapalooza in New Orleans this year where it was [literally!] one step away from making it into the prestigious Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner in France. A little Twitter birdie told us Team Creative Inlet will compete again this year…

This caught our eye –> According to their press release, “New Amsterdam Vodka and The 48 Hour Film Project will co-host a national filmmaking competition. New Amsterdam’s “It’s Your Town” competition will invite five teams from 25 US cities to participate in a challenge that requires filmmakers to produce short, docu-style films and provide an insider’s view into the places and people that make their city unique, focusing on the local stories outsiders normally wouldn’t see. At the close of the competition, a screening of a selection of New Amsterdam’s “It’s Your Town” films will be shown at The 48 Hour Film Project’s culminating celebration, Filmapalooza 2015.

Will Orlando be selected for this challenge? WE HOPE SO!! For more information and instructions on how to register for this year’s 48 HFP, please visit: https://www.48hourfilm.com/orlando/ and follow the competition on Twitter @Orlando48HFP

Break a leg‘ Orlando filmmakers!


About the 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project is the oldest and largest timed film competition in the world.  The 48 Hour Film Project’s mission is to advance filmmaking and promote filmmakers. The tight 48-hour deadline puts the focus squarely on the filmmaking, emphasizing creativity and teamwork and “doing” instead of “talking”. The emphasis is also on building communities of local creative people, facilitating making new connections, showcasing skills, and celebrating what creativity and teamwork can accomplish in just one weekend.

My Florida Film Festival Experience, so far

First, I should point out, this is my first post here, at Central Florida Top 5. I’m incredibly excited to be a part of the team. I have been a huge fan and supporter. I could bore you with my stories of living in/out of Central Florida for the last 20 years (no matter how many times I leave, I keep coming back); but I think I can save that for another day.

A little background, though, on my Florida Film Festival history.

I have been a photographer for the Florida Film Festival events for the last five years. It has, most definitely, been the highlight of my year for the last five years. I take of work (because I have a ‘normal job’). I usually stay in a hotel (having living in DeLand, and Daytona for every year prior). I completely fill my entire day. I photograph every bit of the festival. I love it. I truly do.

This year, I wasn’t on the photographer list; and I was crushed. Central Florida Top 5 came to my rescue and asked me to take pictures at the Opening Night Party. I could not have been more happy. I actually cried on my way home. I was so happy to be able to do what I want to do, to do what I’m good at – photographing the Florida Film Festival.

So, here I am – I’ve attended a few things, so far. I’ve participated in some behind-the-scenes events as well.

First experience – my boyfriend is on the UCF Marketing Team for a film – Copenhagen. You can check out the facebook page, here. I got to watch this film with him, in preparation for the marketing/festival madness. I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I was quite impressed, as it didn’t initially sound like something incredibly moving. It was. I think there are parts of us that can always relate to the characters/situation of this movie. I highly recommend the watch, if for no other reason than to be able to speak to you about it – we don’t have to agree! Either way, I ended up hanging posters around town (Mills, to be exact).

We were kind of worried about attendance – because the Weekly wrote a horribly scathing review, just tore the movie apart. However, I went to the premier, and it was packed! There were tons of people, and tons of ballots. Even Gabriel Byrne came out of the movie! I was incredibly pleased, and super excited for the Director, Mark Raso – as the film is playing in half a dozen festivals this month! Good news, all around. In case you missed the film, it’s playing again on Friday, April 11th at 1:15pm, at Enzian Theater.

Second experience, I got to hang out with the Orlando Weekly, and the guys at STARTFEST. They’re a student-only film festival – taking high school and college film submissions. I think it’s a great organization – the founder, Kyle Snavely, was always being asked by his students on where to submit their films, and he realized that there weren’t any student-festivals. Sure, there are festivals with student categories, but nothing primarily student-oriented. So, now there’s an opportunity for students in Florida to submit their films to a film festival – and four others – as submission to STARTFEST is also a guaranteed submission to four other Florida festivals. So, it’s a great networking and learning opportunity, as you get personalized feeback from their panel, if nothing else. An overall win-win.

Third experience, I was immensely excited to get to see Bill Plympton‘s Cheatin’. Now, for those who aren’t familiar – Bill Plympton is actually the artist behind the walls at Eden Bar. He’s also been endorsed by Quentin Tarantino. Anyway, this film was great – it was everything an adult could hope for in an animated movie. Bill’s intro was great, too – he explained that he wanted to do another animated feature, he wanted something that he believes the public actually wants to see. He explained the sketches and artistry; how it just feels so organic and unique; not like the computer-animation of today. He hosted a kickstarter to raise funds for the film, as it went a bit over-budget. And, jeez, I’m so glad everything worked out. It’s a great film, another great addition to the Bill Plympton collection. Futhermore, he stuck around afterward for a Q&A and sketching.

While waiting to see Cheatin’, I got to meet and hang out with Ron Judkins. He’s the director of another festival film, Finding Neighbors. I was happy to find out he is also a big fan of Bill! I got to speak a little about his film, as well. He’s a very cool guy! His film is playing again on Thursday, April 10th, at 7:00pm, at the Regal – He and other members of his production team will be in attendance! You should definitely check that out, as well!

Overall – I’ve been very please with my experiences. Things are about to kick it into high gear for me, though. I have booked the remaining days, and am pleased to announce I’ll get many interviews and Q&A’s out of it. I’m very much looking forward to it. Anyway, I hope this has been informative and enjoyable. I am thinking the next few updates will go over more smoothly!