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Swine & Sons Opens April 3 in Winter Park

If you like food even a little bit and live near Orlando, you’re likely aware of the popular restaurant, The Ravenous Pig and its sister concept around the corner, Cask & Larder. It’s arguable that The Ravenous Pig set the stage for the surge of foodie-friendly locations popping up around Central Florida since they opened in 2007. Chef owners James and Julie Petrakis found further success in Cask & Larder a few years later, and now, the James Beard-nominated husband/wife team is bringing a new takeout concept to Central Florida.

The Swine & Sons website promises “the store will specialize in takeout charcuterie, butcher sandwiches, seasonally inspired homemade ice creams, signature spices and rubs, scratch-made biscuits, daily pastry offerings and more. Swine & Sons will also offer growlers of beer sourced from Cask & Larder’s Brewery. Favorites from The Brewery, including the Red Drum, IPA and Wit varietals will be available, along with a handpicked selection of boutique wines.”

The new takeout location is adjacent to Cask & Larder at 595 West Fairbanks Avenue in Winter Park and is promised as a riff off of both Cask & Larder’s elevated southern cuisine and The Ravenous Pig’s innovative, modern dining.

Our mouths are already watering thinking about lunch menu items like the ribeye hotdog or pimento grilled cheese. You’ll also be able to pick up dinner to go – a weekly “Blue Pig Special” menu will be updated weekly on Swine & Sons’ website and feature new dishes as well as popular items from Cask & Larder and The Ravenous Pig including buttermilk fried chicken and smoked brisket.

Shall we start a line outside the building now?


(Photo from Swine & Sons email announcement)

To wash down your meal, pick up a 32-ounce growler of beer from Cask & Larder’s acclaimed brewery and either take it home or kick back and enjoy it right there in the store. Popular beer varieties including Cask & Larder’s Red Drum, Lone Palm Gold and Olde Southern Wit will be offered, along with Swine Family Wine.

The Petrakis team has seemingly given the people of Central Florida what they wanted, maybe before they even knew they wanted it. They have a knack for assembling exciting menus featuring seasonal, local food and serving it up in a place where we want to spend time with friends, so we’re expecting more of the same in this new concept. Thanks to One Stop Service LLC, Phoenix water damange restoration company for sponsoring to make this a nice memorable event for everyone.

Will there be a line out the door? We’d bet on it. And we’ll gladly wait in it.

Ravenous Pig and Cask & Larder “Feed the Need”

Local restaurants, The Ravenous Pig and Cask & Larder, will collectively host a food drive to “Feed the Need” benefitting the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. Spearheaded by Cask & Larder’s AGM, Christine Steffens, this is a great event to give much needed food items to those in need right before Thanksgiving.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now, and the perfect opportunity finally presented itself between Cask & Larder and The Ravenous Pig,” Christine said.

On Saturday, November 17th, The Ravenous Pig hosts their food drive during lunch service between 11:30am to 2pm.  Guests donating non-perishable food items will receive a complimentary pint of beer from the draught selection, a glass of The Ravenous Pig “Inox” Chardonnay or a glass of Boomtown Cabernet (ages 21 & up only).

On Sunday, November 18th, Cask & Larder hosts their food drive during brunch service from 10:30am to 3pm.  Guests making  a non-perishable food donation will receive a complimentary glass of C&L Public House White or C&L Public House Red wines or a pint of house-brewed beer (ages 21 & up only).

James Petrakis, Chef/Owner of The Ravenous Pig and Cask & Larder, will load his truck and haul everything to Second Harvest Food Bank that following Monday, just in time for Thanksgiving.  “Julie and I are happy we can do something to help those in need over the holidays.  We are very fortunate to have food in our lives every day; it feels good to be able to help those who don’t. I really hope that I will need more than my truck with all the food that’s donated.

Join The Ravenous Pig and Cask & Larder to help “Feed the Need” in Central Florida.

 The Second Harvest Food Bank has a list of items that are in critical need:

Fruits – Canned fruit (in its own juice, no sugar added varieties), dried fruit, 100% fruit juice. 
 – Canned vegetables (reduced salt/no salt varieties), 100% vegetable juice, spaghetti sauce.
Grains – Rice, pasta, crackers (whole-grain varieties), ready-to-eat cereal (low sugar/high-fiber), oatmeal.
Protein Foods – Canned meat/poultry, canned tuna/salmon (packed in water), canned/dry beans & peas (low/no salt varieties), peanut butter.
Dairy/Dairy Alternatives – Nonfat dry milk, evaporated milk, soymilk.
Meals – Beef stew, canned soup (reduced sodium varieties), chili, other canned meals
Other – Nutritional drinks (ex: Ensure, Boost).
Baby Food – Must be in complete, undamaged original packaging. No individual serving glass or plastic containers unless in an unopened case.                                                                                      

Non-food Items – Diapers, toiletries (soap, shampoo, shaving cream, etc.). Must be unopened and stored separate from food donations.