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Tech | Comcast NBCUniversal 24 Hour Hackathon in Orlando

It’s the middle of the summer. The queue at your favorite Universal Orlando attraction is at least ninety minutes and ten miles long. What does one do with oneself to occupy all that time? That’s one of several questions tech creatives hoped to help NBCUniversal Media Labs answer at this weekend’s 24 hour hackathon at the Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort. Imagine coding for a solid 24 hours, starting at noon on Saturday and ending at noon on Sunday. For those of you who are not technically inclined, I’m sure there’s not enough Visine nor caffeinated beverages in Florida to assist in such tasks!

The hackathon set forth six challenges;

Universal Studios Parks and Resorts Marketing Challenge: Use mobile (emphasis on wearable), geolocation and IoT technologies to attract nearby consumers in Orlando and Hollywood.

Universal Studios Parks and Resorts Technology Challenge: Enhance in-park experience of visually impaired guests using native platform on Android or iOS plus tech from the attractions themselves or preexisting in-park tech, especially with Universal Orlando Mobile app integration. On other Technology news if you need Digital Marketing for your company, There are Digital Experts in Weston Florida to help you.

Universal Studios Parks and Resorts Creative Challenge: Enhance queue wait while keeping guest immersed in the story.

Universal Studios Parks and Resorts Entertainment Challenge: Use Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, beacons, geofencing, audio watermarking and RFID [Radio Frequency Identification] to create compelling content to interact and fully immerse guests. (Don’t get the difference between Virtual and Augmented Reality? Let MKBHD explain…)

Telemundo Challenge: Bring Telemundo’s award shows, sporting events and more to Hispanic audience using a 360 experience on multiple platforms.

GolfNow Challenge: Use GolfNow’s tee times API [Application Programming Interface] to target and engage appropriate users of expiring tee times and incentivize them to book through discounts, notification, social integration, etc.

Judges naturally included Universal Orlando Parks and Resorts, Universal Creative and Golf Channel executives, as well as Factur Board Member (and big time coffee lover) John Soucy and Sanjay Macwan, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of NBCUniversal Media Labs.

Teams of Orlando’s tech community brightest like the fabulous Willa Riggins and team from FamiLab, Necole Pynn from Canvs, teammate Andrew Kozlik, Caesar Abueg, Kunal Patel, Andres Aranguibel, Carl Dungca and friend of Top 5 Josh Murdock (aka: Professor Josh).

Who won? What did they win? Your answers are below…

Winners List:

  • Parks Marketing Challenge: Team SorcerAr (Prize: $1,500, 4 UOR Annual Passes)
  • Parks Technology Challenge: Team USense (Prize: $1,500)
  • Parks Creative Challenge: Team Malignant Monsters (Prize: $1,500) CONGRATS NECOLE & ANDREW!
  • Parks Entertainment Challenge: Team Wandah (Prize: $1,500) CONGRATS FAMILAB!
  • Telemundo Challenge: Team Interactivo (Prize: $1,500, XBOX One + Kinect, FIFA 15, Samsung Gear VR)
  • GolfNow Challenge: Team Golf Bid (Prize: $1,500, exclusive tour of Golf Channel Studios, 1 yr premium subscription to GolfNow, 1 Golf Channel/GolfNow prize pack)
  • Grand Prize: Team SorcerAr

La Voz Kids En Universal Orlando Resort ROCKS!

(As a selected blogger by Telemundo and Mami Innovative Media, information presented here is from exclusive media participation in #LVKBloggers Day and opinions expressed are our own.)


— Telemundo Media PR (@TLMDMediaPR) May 31, 2014

Please excuse my Spanglish! WE know who won La Voz Kids Season Two… but you won’t find any spoilers here!   We were invited by Mami Innovative Media and Telemundo to La Voz Kids Bloggers Day at Universal Orlando Resort! I was very excited to have been extended this privilege to attend… and also a bit intimidated. More on that in a sec. We don’t get to Universal Orlando Resort as we’d like to. Perhaps one day soon Central Florida Top 5 will be able to give you a behind the scenes tour? Until then, let’s chat La Voz Kids (The Voice Kids)!

In case you aren’t familiar with La Voz Kids, it’s a version of the popular NBC series, The Voice, now in its Second Season on Telemundo. The concept is the same. Three industry judges heading up three teams; recent Universal Orlando Mardi Gras Batchata headliner Prince Royce (#TeamRoyce), Ranchera/Norteño singer Roberto Tapia (#TeamTapia) and Spanish songstress Natalia Jimenez (#TeamNatalia), with a few differences; there are two hosts (suavemente TV host Jorge Bernal and MTV’s 1st Latina VJ, Daisy Fuentes) and the contestants are a bit younger. Little ones as young as 7 years can audition with the cutoff being 15 years old. Cute right?

LA VOZ KIDS -- Episode 212 -- Pictured: (l-r) Natalia Loya, Roberto Tapia, Abril Cisneros, Leslie Mendoza, Natalia Jimenez, Yanelis Rivera, Amanda Mena, Prince Royce, Dorothy Milary -- (Photo by: Alejandro Fenice/Telemundo)

LA VOZ KIDS — Episode 212 — Pictured: (l-r) Natalia Loya, Roberto Tapia, Abril Cisneros, Leslie Mendoza, Natalia Jimenez, Yanelis Rivera, Amanda Mena, Prince Royce, Dorothy Milary — (Photo by: Alejandro Fenice/Telemundo)

Most likely the most noticeable difference about this version of The Voice is.. it’s in Spanish (for the most part). I know the first thing you’re going to say. “Jen. I don’t speak Spanish! How can I watch this show and understand what’s going on?” Watching tonight’s finale on Telemundo, I am reminded of having these same feelings. Would I really understand what the heck was going on? I am relieved to say… YES, I DID! Have you ever heard the phrase “Music is the universal language of mankind?” My La Voz Kids experience was a living embodiment of this quote by Longfellow… and it was A LOT OF FUN!

LA VOZ KIDS -- Episode 212 -- Pictured: (l-r) Prince Royce, Natalia Jimenez, Roberto Tapia -- (Photo by: Alejandro Fenice/Telemundo)

LA VOZ KIDS — Episode 212 — Pictured: (l-r) Prince Royce, Natalia Jimenez, Roberto Tapia — (Photo by: Alejandro Fenice/Telemundo)

Still don’t believe you’ll understand? This moment from La Voz Kids’ semifinal show sealed the deal for me. Watch THIS CLIP. It’s a performance by new judge, Natalia Jimenez of her newest song called Creo En Mi (Translation: Believe In Me). She’s not one of the contestants obviously… but I DARE YOU to NOT be affected by this performance. And just wait until you see THE KIDS perform!

On this behind the scenes tour we were treated to a full tour of the studios, hung out in the green room, had a great lunch and were invited to stay and watch a taping of the program. Coming from the other side tv/film production, it’s always great to sit back and observe a live production without actually having to work it. The part that you, the audience, aren’t necessarily aware of is… there’s a rhythm to it all. A throbbing heartbeat involved in live production. Until you’ve worked it, you can’t really describe it outside of that. The irony here, of course, is La Voz is a music show!

Again, we won’t post any episode spoilers here but be sure to let us know what you thought of the finale and the winner in the comments below, on our Facebook page or on Twitter!

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