Guest Post: Valentine’s Day (for Singles) in Central Florida

Full disclosure: I’m single this Valentine’s Day … and I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I was last year, too — and it was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve had in years. Let me explain why.

I had a Valentine for eight years back-to-back — and while they were three different guys (all great in their own “unique” way, of course), the result was often the same. Most recently: We booked a “couples massage” — romantic, right? (Totally my idea.) And it would’ve been great, too, had we not spent the time before it arguing about how I wasn’t “allowed” to have a male masseuse. Year before that, I received a “gold dipped rose” which was promptly donated to a pawn shop following the break up. And my favorite … the year that was spent with three other couples in a cramped bedroom of a fraternity house, gathered around a makeshift dinner table eating penne alla vodka — made with literally a handle of Popov vodka.

But, before you judge me and call me a cynic for feeling this way on the most romantic holiday of the year, let me say that I’m not necessarily hating on those that are happily in a relationship and spending the evening together. Instead, my point here is to shed some light on the fact that you don’t need a “better half” to enjoy the day. Spend the night celebrating that you’re a better whole on your own.

Last year, I made spur of the moment plans with two of my best friends. Our night included sake bombs, Chinese take out and an impromptu dance party in my living room at 3 a.m. Needless to say, it was a night I’ll always remember.

Valentine’s Day holds the same cache of New Year’s Eve. So much pressure is put on what you’re going to do, that often times, the reality never quite lives up to the dream. (And if it does — hold on to your man/woman, because you’re lucky.)

So if you’re like me … and you’ll be trading in lovers for friends … and chocolate for beer, here are a few ideas of pro-single activities in Orlando this Valentine’s Day:

  • Get free beer with the purchase of an entree at Tijuana Flats. (They’re calling it “Smack my @$$, I’m single.”)
  • Head to Hamburger Mary’s for Tuesday BINGO with Miss Sammy and Carol Lee for guaranteed laughs. (I’ve never been to BINGO here, but trivia night never disappoints.)
  • Head to a dive bar (may I suggest my favorite: PR’s Taco Palace) and treat the night like any other. Bonus at PR’s: reduced price tequila shots when the train passes.
  • Book a manicure/pedicure at your favorite salon for you and some friends.
  • Wait and celebrate tomorrow at the Enzian with My Bloody Valentine on the lawn.

And don’t forget that when it comes down to it … Valentine’s Day is a holiday about spreading love — whether that’s love between you and your significant other, best friends or family. No gold dipped roses or Popov pasta necessary (or suggested, for that matter).

All my single ladies (and gentlemen!) … how are you spending February 14 this year? Tell us in the comments.

Jenni is a single girl living in Central Florida — but don’t let her fool you, she actually loves love … today she just loves her best friends and sarcasm a little more. Ask her out on a date Connect with her on Twitter at @jenniizzo.