Hudson Taylor Visits UCF For Diversity Week


Allyship: Becoming a Champion for Inclusion on Your Campus


On Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 at 5:00pm in the Student Union Cape Florida Ballroom, Hudson Taylor, a former three (3) time All-American wrestler at Maryland will come give the presentation “Allyship: Becoming a Champion for Inclusion on Your Campus” in support of UCF’s Diversity Week.

Hudson believes one of the greatest tools in the ongoing battle for inclusion and respect for LGBT members of our campus community is the courage and willingness of their straight allies to stand up and play a role in combating ignorance and prejudice. Most straight people have gay friends, but too few of us stand up and say that fair treatment of every member of our community is personally important to us.

Hudson shares his journey of becoming a straight ally for the LGBT community and helps others learn how they can be an integral part of the solution. This program is about friendship, and standing up for our friends. It’s about making our campuses a safe space for everyone and celebrating the things we have in common, as people, as students and as citizens caring about fair treatment for everyone.

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