Gangnam Style Ocean Park Halloween Bash

Today we attended an amazing IAAPA Event….

Lunch & Learn with Tom Mehrmann, CEO, Ocean Park Hong Kong


“Halloween has become a real force in Hong Kong and Asia,” Mehrmann said. “Events really are where it’s at—they keep the park fresh and constantly renewed, and if doing them on the right financial basis you’re always going to be making money off of them.”

10 Attributes Mehrmann Looks for in an Employee

1.      Curiosity

2.      Sense of responsibility

3.      Sense of humor

4.      Passion

5.      Courage of conviction

6.      Initiative

7.      Creativity/innovation

8.      Sense of urgency

9.      Persistence

10.    Confidence


and watch this !!!!


Ocean Park’s Chief Executive Tom Mehrmann said, “With the staunch support of Hong Kong residents and overseas visitors, we will achieve a record-breaking attendance of over 700,000 guests during this Halloween month.  We will continue to work hard and stay innovative to bring our guests Asia’s largest and hottest Halloween party every year.”


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