Orlando Roller Derby

YES! Orlando Roller Derby!!!

Lot’s of hitting, falling, and hopefully me managing to stay upright

This Sunday marks what is probably the most significant occasion of my life: my first roller derby game.  Yes, tomorrow at 4:30 at Semoran Skateway, you can see me as well as my 15 other teammates on the Arkham Assailants go head to head with the Serial Thrillers.  There will be a lot of hitting, a lot of falling, and hopefully a lot of me managing to stay upright.  And yes, there will be beer.

For those of you who do not know what Roller Derby is or have not seen it since the 70s, I promise that you are in for a whole new and wonderful experience.  Since the 70s Roller Derby has reformed so there is a lot less clothes lining, tripping, and all together bitch fighting.  Roller Derby has turned into a sport of strategy, precision, and intense athleticism.  The girls on my league work tirelessly to improve their skating skills by going to league practice twice, individual team practice once a week, and cross training on their own.

So this Sunday, when you are looking for something to do, come out and support your local Roller Derby league.  Wear neon green and royal blue to support my team, the Arkham Assailants, or you can wear purple and black for our league, Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls.  Hell, if you want to support the Serial Thrillers go red and black, I really don’t care.  Just get out and show your derby girls some appreciation.  You won’t regret it, I promise.

Location: 2670 Cassel Creek Blvd  Casselberry, FL 32707 (right by the Hooters)

Doors: 4:30

Game Starts: 5


Keni Herman is a blogger, intern, cat-enthusiast, vegetarian, and ass kicking roller derby player.  She can be frequently be found ranting about politics and injustice or making amazing vegan cookies.

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