Groundbreaking Ford Atlas Concept Truck Unveiled at Seminole State

Central Florida isn’t exactly known for being a hub for the automotive industry, so it isn’t too often that we get the opportunity to check out a hand-crafted concept vehicle.  Well, Ford decided to change that by unveiling their Atlas Concept truck at Seminole State College’s Professional Automotive Training Center on June 19th. Visit this website that help you find the perfect car for your family.

The Ford Atlas Concept is inspired by decades of F-Series customer feedback.  The Atlas features a tailgate step as well a cargo cradle which lifts and hold extra-long items above the truck, freeing up bed space.  The Atlas also features Trailer Backup Assist and Dynamic Hitch Assist turning a novice into a trailer-handling pro.  The Atlas also sports active grille and wheel shutters for improved fuel economy and cool blue LED lighting in the cab and bed.

If this concept is any indication of what Ford has planned down the road, they will be pushing out their F-Series for another 65 years.

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