Fun for the Family at Monkey Joe’s

Guest Post by SeaWorld Mommy

Whether you have a birthday party to plan or a few hours you want to fill with fun, consider JUMPING by Monkey Joe’s,  at Pointe Orlando on International Drive.

Recently my son and I dropped by for a great get-together with friends. We’ve been to many birthday parties there and at the Winter Park location, and it never surprises me how much fun the kids have going from one bounce house to the next or scaling the highest mountain. (OK, they’re actually slides, but don’t tell the children.) What did surprise me at this recent visit was their food.

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In the past, Monkey Joe’s has had their food brought in. The bad part of that was being at the mercy of the pizza delivery service. I was at one party where there was a delay, and let’s just say hungry kids are cranky. Now, with the food being prepared on the premises, that is not an issue. And it’s good! I liked the pizza (as did all the kids) and was especially pleased with their new wing offerings. They have hot Buffalo, sweet chili, BBQ, and plain. They’re not those little anemic chicken wings, either.

My little guy spent most of his time between the pirate ship and the games. He’s particularly fond of challenging his dad to a game of air hockey. (Son Beats Dad in Best Two Out Of Three!)

Insider tip: Hot summer mornings, Monday through Wednesday are less crowded, so no wait times and, did I mention?!, it’s air conditioned fun!

Plan a party, just walk in, or arrange to meet the gang. Check out their options on the Monkey Joe’s website. See you there!

Pointe Orlando

9101 International Drive validated parking “up to 3 hours per visit”

Orlando, FL 32819

(407) 352-8484
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