X-Ray of Manatee SeaWorld Rescues Shows Pneumothorax

The amazing animal care crew over at SeaWorld Orlando are at it again.  They recently released some information on a manatee they helped rescue in late August.  The manatee was injured from a run in with a watercraft.  The actual incident is unknown but the 680 pound sea cow was found floating in the Tomoka River near Daytona Beach, Fla towards the end of August.

The 8.75 ft long manatee was suffering from pneumothorax, a condition where a body cavity fills with air causing it not to be able to stay submerged. SeaWorld did radiographs, performed a “chest tap” relieving the manatee of built up pressure and air.

So far this year SeaWorld has rescued 15 manatees, it has also returned 8 back to the wild.  SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, who operates one of the leading marine animal rescue programs, has helped more than 22,000 animals over the past 40 years.

Look at that, a good news story and a new word to use to impress your friends! Thanks SeaWorld!

SeaWorld Cares for Injured Manatee X-Ray

This image taken from a radiograph shows both sides of an injured manatee’s chest cavity. The adult male manatee is suffering from severe pneumothorax on the right side and at least one fractured rib, likely a result of watercraft injuries. His right side (left side of image) shows air trapped in the chest cavity as black on the image, which is compressing the lung tissue that cannot be seen. His left side (right side of image) is normal.

Seaworld Vet Performs Radiographs on Injured Manatee

The SeaWorld Animal Rescue Team continues to care for an injured manatee transported to SeaWorld Saturday, August 31. Animal care experts took radiographs of the adult male manatee’s chest cavity to see if there were internal injuries to the spine and chest after he received watercraft injuries.

SeaWorld Cares for Injured Manatee Close-Up