Orlando Dining Special: Limited-Time Ribs & Whiskey Menu

Neighborhood Taverns Feature Seasonal Specials! 

Get over to  Marlow’s Tavern for this Special Offering!

We think their food, style and service is wonderful!

Central Floridians are going to need a Wet-Nap! Marlow’s Tavern is bringing the neighborhood restaurant locations super saucy specials to ring in the fall season with the popular Ribs & Whiskey celebration.  Now through Monday, October 28, diners can enjoy a variety of sauced-up, seasonal fare with handcrafted cocktails and drinks.
            “Our guests have come to love the Ribs & Whiskey menu for the hearty, warming dishes they crave during the fall,” says John C. Metz, executive chef and co-founder of Marlow’s Tavern. “A chill hits the air and diners look for those classic, seasonal flavors that are found in each of the dishes and cocktails.”
            The Ribs & Whiskey menu offers an assortment of sweet and tangy dishes, including:


  • BBQ tomato bisque – roast tomato fillet, chipotle BBQ sauce, onion, olive oil, pureed smooth with roast shrimp and corn salsa ($6)
  • Fried green tomato sliders – creamy house-made pimento cheese, crispy green tomato, spicy seared pork belly, baby arugula and toasted brioche ($9)
  • A pig with buns – slow-roasted pulled pork with chipotle BBQ sauce, crispy tobacco onions on buttery soft roll with Granny Smith apple-cabbage slaw ($11)
  • BBQ blazed Cobb salad – BBQ chicken, crisp field greens, Roma tomato, apple-smoked bacon, sweet corn and black bean salsa, slivered red onions and BBQ gorgonzola dressing ($11.5)
  • The saucy catch – Grilled swordfish blazed with chipotle BBQ sauce, jalapeno corn grits, creamed Swiss chard and crispy tobacco onions ($16.5)
  • Slow-cooked St. Louis-style ribs – served with Granny Smith apple-cabbage slaw, Southern-fried mac and pimento cheese and house-made sweet corn and jalapeno muffin (half rack, $16.5; full rack, $24)
  • Bourbon bread pudding – Creme brulee soaked Ciabatta, vanilla bean and a splash of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey whiskey for sipping ($7)

Marlow’s ensures finger-lickin’ good ribs with sauce options like Jack Daniel’s glaze, perfecting the combination of sweet, spicy and smoky with a hint of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey whiskey, traditional Carolina mustard BBQ sauce with dashes of tang and spice and Marlow’s chipotle BBQ, classic, yet jazzed up with chipotle peppers and a touch of sweetness. To round out the meal, side items such as Granny Smith apple-cabbage slaw and Southern-fried mac and pimento cheese ($3 each) are available.

(check back as we add photos!)

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