LEGOLAND Florida For Adults Too: Guide For Grownups

Top Five Adult Things to do at Legoland

Photo by Eileen Ludwig of

Photo by Eileen Ludwig of

1. Miniland is a must for both young and old. Visit Places around Florida with moving boats, buses, and cars. Washington DC is amazing. New York fascinates everyone. San Francisco and Hollywood Bowl. Vegas has working volcano show. The guy in the desert with the buzzards hanging around is one of the fun quirky things to spot. The pirate ships moving with sails a flying. There are more benches and shade to sit for a rest and just enjoy.

Star Wars Miniland has both the young and old interacting and posing with the displays. The displays move. The detail is incredulous. It is not to be missed even if you never saw all the films.

Seasonal displays include a flying Santa with all his reindeer. Santa on the White house roof being accosted by homeland security with even the reindeer with hooves in the air. Santa is everywhere throughout miniland. Spotting all the different Santa’s, elves, and presents is half the fun. Come Halloween there are pumpkins in Georgetown and a cute pumpkin Patch. There is a witch on her broom flying.

2. The coasters range from mild to not so mild. The dragon coaster is fun with just enough thrill. The wooden coaster has several dips and the right sounds of a coaster. Then there is flying school where you feet hang without a floor.

3. Brickbeard water show is a fun, quirky but exciting to watch. A little water show with a pyramid. Walking Lego Soldiers. Pirates. Ski show with flips and ramps. Kids can soak the pirates but will be soaked in return.

4. There are many wet rides. The New World of Chima is definitely one to get wet on while getting those on land wet too. It was quite the attraction to watch as both adults and kids enjoyed soaking each other. There is the wave riders where you can get wet although not as much as Chima.

5. The Lost Kingdom Adventure is a fun sit down ride where you go through different doors on a track and have the opportunity to shoot a laser at the Lego people in the kingdom. I usually shoot pictures. It is just fun to see the settings.

If you are looking for more, riding the kids rides is delightful because you have to squeeze into a small space but the rides are fun, at least to me. There are several shows that are nice to see if you time them right. Sometimes is just nice to sit and watch the people as they go through Miniland. Kids seem very happy here at Legoland. Very few meltdowns. I would call it a Happy Place because their curiosity seems to draw them to all the Lego things come to life.

Of course there is the Water Park seasonal opened but included in Annual Pass. Florida Residents can get a pass for $99 right now

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Photo by Eileen Ludwig of

Photo by Eileen Ludwig of