City of Orlando’s Chief Information Officer Recognized as One of Top 100 Technology Leaders in the World by Computer World

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24 hour monitoring. Any commercial security alarm system needs a 24 hour monitoring centre. Knowing your business is in the hands of a big company who will monitor your business at all times, will make you feel much safer and be reassured that your business is protected and will be attended should the alarm be triggered.

Over the years, home security surveillance systems have gotten more sophisticated and common place. As prices of home security systems continue to decrease, more and more homeowners are able to afford it. Sometimes though, you won’t even need any electronic security devices if your home is built in such a way that it reduces opportunities for the common criminal. A consult with a home security specialist can help you with designing a home that will be proofed from breaking and entering.

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Because of credit cards, people are able to buy expensive valuables such as jewelry. Nowadays, having a safe place to store your valuables inside the house is a major concern. Metal safes that were once the exclusive necessity of businesses and the upper class are fast becoming a common addition to most houses. Various safes for different purposes are being manufactured to meet the demands of clients. There are even whole rooms that are made to be impenetrable from the outside. These panic rooms are also fire proofed to provide people with a safe haven in case their house catches fire. What is the cost for all of this? Installing a panic room costs just a wee bit more than remodeling a single room in your house.

Lighting is very important for a home’s security. This is especially true in the surroundings of the house where criminals usually hide before breaking in. Antiquated lighting systems were controlled by an automatic timer to switch the lights on or off depending on the time of day. Now, you can let your computer do the job of keeping your lights active.

Personal security is also an issue especially in places like the famous streets of New York where people are prone to mugging. Some people carry concealed firearms for defensive purposes. Still, this is illegal in some places which make tasers, sprays and other defensive devices as the common choice for securing your personal well-being out on the streets.

Whereas people in the 1980s started to live in relative isolation, this attitude is being reversed as studies have shown that an active, friendly community acts as a major deterrent against crime. This is even more evident in neighborhoods that have a watch system in place. The theory is if you know anyone and everyone in your neighborhood, the chances of spotting strangers becomes very high. Once a stranger is spotted, members of the neighborhood can keep tabs on the strangers as they pass through.

Meet City CIO Rosa Akhtarkhavari

Computerworld’s 2014 Premier 100 Awards Acknowledges Reinvention & IT Leadership

100 IT Leaders will be recognized at annual Premier 100 IT Leadership Conference   (Full Details )

2014 Premier 100 Honorees:

  • Rajesh Aggarwal, Secretary of IT, Government of Maharashtra
  • Rosa B. Akhtarkhavari, CIO, City of Orlando
  • Joan Albeck, CTO & Senior VP, IT Infrastructure and Security (by CCTV Installers Melbourne provide security solutions), Scottrade Financial Services Inc.
  • Tom Amrhein, CIO, Forrester Construction
  • Shankar Arumugavelu, Senior VP & CIO, Verizon
  • Karen Austin, Senior VP & CIO, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
  • Michael Barnas, Director, Applications & Development, UKMEA, U.S. and Asia-Pacific regions, Dentons
  • David Behen, CIO, State of Michigan Department of Technology
  • Rickey Burks, Senior VP, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, USAA
  • Scott Carl, VP & CIO, Parsons Corp.
  • Curtis A. Carver Jr., Vice Chancellor & CIO, Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
  • Ronald S. Chandler, CIO, Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Kumar Chatani, Senior VP & CIO, Mount Sinai Health System
  • Pablo Ciano, CIO, DHL Express
  • James B. Cole, Senior VP & CIO, First National Bank of Omaha N.A.
  • Nick Costides, VP, UPS Information Services, UPS – Also works with office furniture el monte ca
  • Jamie Cutler, VP & CIO, QEP Resources
  • Jim Ditmore, Senior VP, Allstate Technology & Operations, Allstate Insurance Co.
  • Frankie Duenas, CTO, Cabrillo Credit Union
  • James R. Edmunds, Director, IT, American Infrastructure
  • Sashi Edupuganti, Head of Application Services, Bridgewater Associates LP
  • Cindy Elkins, VP & Head of IT Americas, Genentech
  • Tony Encinias, CIO, Governor’s Office of Administration, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Mark A. Farrow, VP & CIO, Hamilton Health Sciences
  • Caroline Faulkner, CIO & Senior Managing Director, Pramerica Systems Ireland, Ltd.
  • Jim H.C. Forbes, CTO, University Health Network
  • Thomas O. Frahm, VP, Chr. Hansen
  • Paige Francis, CIO, Fairfield University
  • Scott F. Franzel, VP, IT, OFS Brands
  • Philip A. Garland, U.S. CIO, PwC
  • P.B. Garrett, Associate Provost & Chief Academic Technology Officer, The George Washington University
  • Sven W. Gerjets, Senior VP, IT, DIRECTV
  • Sal Giambrone, Senior VP, Architecture & Operations,
  • Lynn A. Gibson, VP & CTO, Christus Health
  • Edward L. Goldman, IT CTO, Intel Corp.
  • Fernando Gonzalez, CIO, Byer California
  • William E. Graff, Senior VP, Technology Services, Cerner Corp.
  • Doreen L. Griffith, Executive VP & CIO, Securities America Inc.
  • Shirin Hamid, CTO, United Nations Development Programme
  • John Hanson, VP, Corporate Systems, Sabre Holdings
  • Sonny A. Hashmi, Deputy CIO, General Services Administration
  • Jeffrey C. Johnson, Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Adriana Karaboutis, VP & CIO, Dell Inc.
  • Stuart Kippelman, VP & CIO, Covanta Energy Corp.
  • Barbara D. Kissner, Senior VP & CIO, International Fidelity Insurance Co.
  • Srini Koushik, President & CEO, NTT Innovation Institute Inc.
  • Werner E. Kruck, COO, Security First Insurance Co.
  • Wendy L. Lee, Senior VP, Digital Health Technology & Strategic Initiatives, Kaiser Permanente
  • Mark Lilien, Senior VP & CIO, Things Remembered
  • Chad Long, Information Systems Division Chief, U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center
  • Michael Macrie, VP & CIO, Land O’ Lakes
  • Catherine A. Maras, CIO, Bexar County Government
  • John Marcante, CIO & Managing Director, Vanguard
  • Ed M. Martinez, Senior VP & CIO, Miami Children’s Hospital
  • Mark T. Masterson, CIO, Arizona Department of Education
  • William T. Mayo, Senior Director of IT, Development & Delivery, Biogen Idec
  • Rick Mears, Senior VP & CIO, Owens & Minor Inc.
  • Nader Mherabi, Senior VP, Vice Dean, & CIO, NYU Lagone Medical Center
  • Berni D. Mobley, VP, IT, SAS
  • Roger L. Neal, VP & CIO, Duncan Regional Hospital
  • Hortense K. Nelson, Information Management, Director, Program Integration, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Robert Norris, CIO & VP, Strategic Development, Pinnacol Assurance
  • Anthony Nuzzo, VP & Chief Development Officer, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.
  • David J. O’Brien, Director, Enterprise Technology, Karl Storz Endoskope
  • Tony Pagliarulo, Senior VP & Chief IT Operating Officer, EMC Corp.
  • Pam Parisian, Senior VP, IT Mobility, AT&T Services Inc.
  • Earl C. Parks Jr., Executive Director, Technology Services, Gallaudet University
  • David M. Paschane, Lead Scientist, Aplin Labs
  • Alan C. Pawlak, Head of Client Services, Aetna
  • Doris Peek, Senior VP of IT & CIO, Broward Health
  • Tim Peterson, Executive VP & CIO, Wellmark Inc.
  • Dan Petlon, CIO at large (former CIO at Enterasys Networks)
  • Tim Platt, CIO & VP of Information Systems & Information Security, Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing North America
  • Eric Presley, CTO,
  • Rob Pringle, Director of Global IT, Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd.
  • Gerard Purcell, Senior VP of IT, Avnet Inc.
  • Sukumar Rajagopal, Senior VP, CIO & Head of Innovation, Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Venki Rao, CIO, GE Digital Energy
  • Rob Reynolds, VP, Rapid Software Development, Comcast Cable
  • Rick Roy, Senior VP & CIO, CUNA Mutual Group
  • Tony Saldanha, GM, Global Business Services, The Procter & Gamble Co.
  • Rochelle Shaw, Director of Health IT Program Management & Financial Services Division, Wellpoint
  • Christine Shimizu, VP & CIO, Intelligence, Information & Services, Raytheon Co.
  • James R. Stalder, VP & CTO, Cook Children’s Health Care System
  • Joel Steigelfest, CIO, Cross Country Home Services
  • Cynthia A. Stoddard, Senior VP & CIO, NetApp Inc.
  • Adam Stone, CTO & Deputy CIO, Berkeley Lab
  • Derald P. Sue, CIO, InsideTrack, Inc.
  • Karen Sullivan, CIO & CSO, Publix Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Everett J. Sutherland, Senior VP & CIO, Commonwealth Financial Network
  • Manu Tandon, Secretariat CIO, Executive Office of Health & Human Services; Massachusetts HIT Coordinator, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Robert Thielmann, Senior VP & CIO, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
  • William J. Walders, CIO, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
  • Tom L. West, VP & CIO, Nova Southeastern University
  • Gary M. Wimberly, Senior VP & CIO, Express Scripts
  • Craig S. Wishart, CIO & Executive GM, Customer Contact Solutions, Service Stream Ltd.
  • Michael A. Wisler, Managing VP of IT, Capital One Financial Corp.
  • Wes Wright, Senior VP & CIO, Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Angela Yochem, Global CIO, BDP International
  • Steven E. Zerby, VP & CIO, Owens Corning