Meet Orlando’s New Yelp Community Manager!

Founder of the ‘Orlando Doesn’t Suck’ campaign and local blogger now working for Yelp!

Colleen Burns, Associate Regional Marketing Director at Yelp shared today a long awaited post for us all: “Introducing Your Orlando Yelp Community Manager!”

Some of the fun facts she shared about Andi, the new CM(we picked 5 for you!)YelpOrl

– Andi lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for four years before finding her way to Orlando for college. She knows two phrases in Afrikaans- one of which may or may not be ‘I make good sandwiches.’ (Ek maak lekker toebroodjies…)
– Andi likes talking to strangers. Her mother is very disappointed.
– On a typical Saturday morning you can find Andi biking to East End Market for chocolate croissants and juiced kale (to counteract the effects of the chocolate. It’s simple science…).
– Andi has an ellipses addiction she is trying to kick…
– She is nuts about Orlando. Although she wasn’t born here, she’s spent ten years exploring the city and can’t help but love the heck out of it. (More details )

Meet Andi at her very first CMYE, RSVP required

*Yelp schwag up the wazoo!

* +21 and up only, no exceptions, must bring ID.

*This is a complimentary event but RSVP is Required