Hands-on writing Workshop, Informative Sessions and more with FLBlogCon*Tent!

A Writing Workshop and Conference Focusing on Content!

Whether you’re an author, a comedian, a blogger, a screenwriter, or just someone who tweets a lot, this workshop will have something for you!

Have you ever wished that your writing could be better? Don’t you crave the chance to improve the quality of content you produce? Do you want to move your readers with the power of your words?

Join us for a day of hands-on writing workshops and informative sessions,research on online content writing services and learn great tips and tricks, and leave with the skills that you need to make your writing stand out.FLBlogTent

Who should attend FLBlogCon*TENT? Professional writers. Amateur writers. New writers. Writers who need to write, who want to write, who constantly strive to improve. (Look at the site)

Brought to you by FLBlogCon. Conference will include lunch, entertainment, and hands-on instruction and editing. Seats are limited, so get your ticket now for only $55! (Now you really should as the last few events have Sold out! )

Full details: http://content.flblogcon.com/

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