Coastal Art & Craft Beer Festival is April 5th!

On April 5th the Outriggers Tiki Bar and Grille, the New Smyrna Marina, Fluid Magazine and the Smyrna Safari Club are hosting a coastal art and craft beer festival.

New Smyrna Marina, the newest waterfront marina, home and restaurant property in the area, is the venue!

The festival will offer up tastings of classic craft beer staples and rare find from more than 20 American craft brewers. Grab a beer and hang out at the marina with live music and the free local art show featuring up and coming artists.

Here’s the ticket information:Coastal Art and Craft Beer Festival Ad

VIP Admission (includes Exclusive Beer Tasting)

$40 at the door

$30 in Advance

Entry from 3 – 7pm

Regular Admission

$30 at the door

$20 in Advance

Entry from 4 – 7pm

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