Top 5 Tony Awards Moments

Little known fact: 2/3 of us here at Central Florida Top 5 got our start on the stage, and one of us even has tattoos to prove it!

Broadway’s biggest night came many fabulous and memorable moments. In case you missed the broadcast, here are our Top 5 favorite Tony Awards moments! (SPOILERS!)

(Haven’t watched yet? Two tips: 1) Stay OFF of social media! 2) Bookmark this blog and continue reading after viewing. We’ll wait….)


Back? Cool. Here are our Top 5 favorite Tonys moments in no particular order;

1) James Monroe Iglehart and his #praiseshout!

Love this man and can immediately tell he’s one we’d LOVE to hang out with one day! His performance as Genie last night made me want to see Aladdin on Broadway when I had casually brushed it off when in New York last month. (Sorry @Aladdin! Do we still get our wishes?)

2) Lena Hall’s Acceptance Speech

Shout outs to My Little Pony are magical!


3) Rapping The Music Man with Hugh Jackman, LL Cool J and T.I.

No description needed. It REALLY happened! However, we couldn’t find footage of this at press time. Here’s Hugh rapping solo…


4) RuPaul and his big, pink furry TUX!

Well deserved applause. Ru introduced the company of Hedwig and the Angry Inch which was SICKENING.

5) Jefferson Mays’ intro to A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

You just have to SEE it… once it’s uploaded. Superman needed a phone booth whereas Jefferson just needs a spare stagehand!


Honorable mentionsDule Hill and the company of After Midnight‘s performance, Sting performing “The Last Ship” from the upcoming play of the same name, Audra McDonald’s history making 6th win (and amazing acceptance words), Clint Eastwood talking to a chair (again), Neil Patrick Harris (as Hedwig) giving Sting a lap dance, willkommening Alan Cumming back to Cabaret, Bryan Cranston’s win and the American Theatre Wing’s YouTube Channel.