SeaWorld’s Blue World Project: A Bold Vision for Killer Whales

Guest post By: Kaylin Williams be sure to follow her on Instagram: @Blessedbytheorcas

SeaWorld is about to embark on a brand new initiative. I’m going to break it down to the Top 5 things you need to know about this brand new addition to all 3 SeaWorld Parks for their beautiful Killer Whale collection.

  1. SeaWorld’s Blue World Project is creating a more effective understanding of killer whales, while educating and inspiring conservation efforts from around the world that work tirelessly to protect orcas in the wild. In fact, SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. is providing $10 million in new funding for research and conservation projects for killer whales in the ocean.
  1. The Blue World Project is a world-class innovation, with a viewing gallery that is almost 4 stories high, 50 feet in depth, and 1.5 acres of surface area. This allows more ample opportunities for play, including a “fast water current” which allows for the killer whales to swim through moving water which increases exercise and helps to keep dorsal fins standing tall.
  1. Guests will have the opportunity to walk with the killer whales along the shore and interact with them from the depths of the ocean, or they can view the whales from a “bird’s eye view” at the surface.
  1. Guests will have increased interactions with SeaWorld’s professionals and experts. New programs will extend educational opportunities to guests, fostering a deeper knowledge for killer whales and their ocean habitat.
  1. Unprecedented research with a focus on animal husbandry and care makes for many ample opportunities for SeaWorld’s animal health professionals and independent scientists to gain a greater understanding and better care for the orcas that reside at SeaWorld parks, and in the wild.

Construction will soon begin in the San Diego location next year (2015), and the Orlando and San Antonio locations will follow soon after. SeaWorld has battled much controversy over their care of killer whales since the exposé, ‘Blackfish’ came out. SeaWorld is out 24/7 rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing animals, inspiring the next generation to care for the natural world, and dedicating their time to research, education and new discoveries for many different species. What did the ‘Blackfish’ cast do for killer whales? BlueWorldProjectAbsolutely nothing, not a dime went anywhere but to ‘Blackfish’ campaigns and the so called “experienced” former trainers in the film’s exploitive, agenda driven biases. The director didn’t donate any money to killer whale research and conservation in the wild…SeaWorld donated $10 million. Which do you support? You should support SeaWorld, because without these parks, these animals wouldn’t be so beyond appreciated as they are now. Thank you so much for reading; I hope I taught you a few things about the new initiative SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. has embarked on. It should be quite the journey and it is sure to be impressive and very environmentally enriching for these large sea animals.

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*Thank you to every avid SeaWorld supporter that is here to spread awareness! Please read The Truth about SeaWorld Parks, The Blackfish Backlash

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