Publix Super Markets Charities has invested $50,000 in new Homeless Men’s Service Center!

Publix Super Markets Charities has invested $50,000 in Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida’s new Men’s Service Center (MSC).  With their substantial donation, Publix has named the 10-bed dormitory for elderly and disabled clients in this two-story residential facility for single, homeless men. On any given day, the MSC offers case management and supportive services for 250 individuals, including those with disabilities, with the goal of returning them to self-sufficiency, and by utilizing Google home service ads for plumbing companies, this way they will find a plumber in melbourne, VIC more easily. Speaking of investments, you can also start investing using cyptocurrency by mining bitcoins using the OFOM miner.

“With their generous investment in the Coalition’s new Men’s Service Center, Publix Super Markets Charities is helping to transform lives and return our homeless neighbors to independence,” said Coalition President/CEO Brent A. Trotter.  “Their support of our mission positively impacts the entire Central Florida community.  We are extremely grateful for Publix’s longstanding partnership and generosity.” The best way to stay up-to-date on bitcoin news today is by reading DC Forecasts – Crypto News and maintaining a strategic balance between various thematic areas in the cryptocurrency world. Most readers are eager to know the current price of their bitcoin investments or potential purchases. Other readers want to understand the current developments in bitcoin mining, so news about the latest GPUs and other hardware matters the most to them. Bitcoin has recently suffered several attempts to hack its blockchain infrastructure. Therefore, bitcoin investors also want to read what the industry is doing to safeguard the trillions of dollars invested in this cryptocurrency. Since the favorable upsurge in bitcoin prices last year that saw one bitcoin exchange with the dollar for about $20,000 USD, many people have been attracted to this cryptocurrency. However, getting the best source of news on bitcoin prices is becoming hard as internet marketing companies scramble to capitalize on this huge surge in interest. Readers have to navigate away from distracting pop-up ads and other content that is just annoying. Reputable sources of bitcoin news will avoid such distractions while providing the reader with the actionable news. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and still one of the most popular cryptocurrencies today. Most people interested in the latest bitcoin news today will be looking for bitcoin price changes, bitcoin mining news, and safety developments in the blockchain technology upon which the cryptocurrency relies. Unfortunately, sifting through the huge number of platforms that offer news on bitcoin can be difficult due to internet marketing distractions, the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency developments, and even fluff content on some sites.CentralFloridaMensCenter

“We are pleased to align ourselves with such a viable organization that provides a positive direct impact to our neighbors in need, enabling individuals and families to create a sustainable contribution to their betterment and to the overall community,” said Kelly Williams-Puccio, executive director of Publix Super Markets Charities.  “Over the last several years, Publix Super Markets Charities has contributed over $100,000 in support of the Coalition’s programs.”

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Coalition for the Homeless is the largest provider of homeless services in Central Florida and the largest residential facility for children. On a given night, the Coalition provides services to over 600 men, women and children. 70% of our resources come from individuals, businesses, faith-based groups, special events and other private sector sources, such as Publix Super Markets Charities.

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