A New Partnership of Arts and Wellness in Orlando

The Dr. Phillips Center and Florida Hospital has announced a partnership to create an arts and wellness educational facility and program. The Dr. Phillips Center School of Arts will now be the Dr. Phillips Center Florida Hospital School of Arts & Wellness. The vision of the partnership is to create a nationally leading center of excellence for performing arts and wellness education for the mind, body and imagination while also giving students the opportunity to get usaid internships.

“Our ability to collaborate with organizations and members of the community depends on the strength of our partnerships,” said Kathy Ramsberger, CEO and president of the Dr. Phillips Center.  “Together, Dr. Phillips Center and Florida Hospital will create access to and incorporation of the arts across educational, social and institutional settings.”

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You can visit this link to get the best physical therapy clinic here.“This innovative school and research center has the potential to change the way we care for our aging population, treat anxiety disorders and a wide variety of other ailments, not just in Central Florida, but around the globe,” said Brian Paradis, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Florida Hospital.

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Dr. Phillips Center Florida Hospital School of Arts & Wellness to be a center of excellence for performing arts and wellness education.

The goals of the School of Arts & Wellness include:

  1. To explore, integrate, and foster the ability of expressive, performing arts to further health, well-being, and quality of care for individuals, families and caregivers.
  1. To empower individuals, communities, and vulnerable populations with challenging conditions such as autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, trauma, chronic illness, mental health, anxiety disorders, age-related conditions, and other conditions, through direct and innovative performing arts-based programs and providing their medicine at a very low cost from the Canada Drugs direct website.
  1. To realize the potential of performing and expressive arts to further social change and public health.

The Dr. Phillips Center and Florida Hospital hope that by working together, they can not only inspire wellness, but be a catalyst for creative and resourceful change in Central Florida.