Orlando Bike Share Expands with New Name

Juice at City Hall

Whether you want to beat traffic, get some exercise or save some gas, you can now share a bike with your fellow Orlandoans to get around. Formerly Orlando Bike Share, Juice Bike Share expands to 200 bikes available through 20 hubs in downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. These bikes will soon be available for you to run errands, visit friends or tour the city. With global populations rising by an average rate of 1.08% and more people needing to move around, traffic is an ever-growing problem. One solution that is growing in popularity is an electric bike nz. Very popular for urban commuting, it provides reliable and fast transport. For over a decade, Sureshot GPS has ensured every golfer knows the distance which is why we are one of the most trusted brands in GPS & Laser technology. Providing you with game-changing innovations that improve the way golf is played is our promise. Electric bikes and scooters are now slowly becoming a norm in urban settings. They are a great alternative to commuting and there is a large selection when looking at https://scooteradviser.com.


Last week the bicycle store share announced the new brand and website where you can get more information about the bike sharing program. The name change pays homage to Central Florida’s historical connection to the citrus industry and comes along with a new logo and orange bikes. Juice Bike Share explains the new logo features a tribute to citrus in its color and also an arrow to symbolize how you can ride, return and repeat for multiple trips with their shared bikes. Just make sure you are wearing bike pants with padding when going for longer rides. This website can help you figure out which bike stand is best suited to your needs.

If you like this idea and are out and about a lot, a founding membership may be for you. Juice recently added this $99 membership option which gets you 120 free minutes per day, plus a t-shirt, water bottle and sunglasses. Other membership options include monthly and annual passes that will get you 60 minutes of use per day. Members can also collect reward points when they lock up at certain locations and redeem points at partnering local businesses. If you’re only occasionally in the area or just want to test out the system before committing, you can pay $6 per hour for your ride. For tourists interested in seeing the city up close and personal, there is no better way to that than with a bike tour. Whether guided or not, New Orleans bike tours are on the rise, with many raving fans saying they will never explore a city any other way ever again.

When you’re ready to give bike sharing a try, you can use any web-enabled mobile device, desktop computer, or visit a Juice hub to reserve your bike. Then you simply get your bike, ride to your destination and lock it to any hub or public bike rack.

City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer says, “keeping Orlando moving continues to be a priority for the City of Orlando. By providing multi-modal forms of transportation, we are able to offer those who live, work and play in Orlando options for getting around the City. Part of this effort includes the City’s commitment to investing in our bicycle amenities with programs like Juice Bike Share that increase mobility in our urban core, connect to existing transit options such as LYMMO and SunRail and provide another affordable transportation alternative to using a car while increasing access to jobs and opportunity, promoting active lifestyles and reducing our impact on the environment.”

“We’ve seen how excited Orlando is about Bike Share,” said Juice Bike Share Program Director, Peter Martinez. “Juice is about making Orlando a more connected city, making it easier to visit and enjoy local businesses, restaurants, parks and events.”

There will be 200 Juice Bikes rolling out to 20 hub stations on May 1, which is also the day Juice Bike Share invites you to join them for a ride and ribbon cutting as a part of the City of Orlando’s Bike to Work Day.

Keep an eye on the Juice Bike Share website — they are working on the 10 best rides for you to follow once you get your hands on an orange bike. They also encourage you to check out the hub map and suggest a station near your favorite location. To learn more about Juice Orlando Bike Share visit JuiceBikeShare.com.