Five Questions with “Arts For Every Life” Documentary Director Famor Botero

Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, as part of Snap! Orlando’s YOU ARE HERE project, hosts “Backstage” featuring the premiere screening of the documentary “#ArtsForEveryLife,” this Saturday, May 23 at 7pm. The film provides a behind-the-scenes look at Central Florida’s arts community and the building of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. The screening is free and offers guests a rare opportunity to enter the Walt Disney Theater from backstage.

The film’s director Famor Botero is a Full Sail University graduate and was thrilled to return to Central Florida for this project. He shot his first documentary as a Full Sail student, and the Saturday following graduation he screened the film at a local theatre. The documentary, “Take Me Home,” caught the attention of MSNBC and provided Botero with a platform for his future which would include an invite to the Oscars.

While filming his project “Los Ocho” in Miami, producer Robin Cowie approached him with the opportunity to helm the “#ArtsForEveryLife” project, which takes its name from the stated “vision” of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts (DPCPA), and focuses on the extraordinary growth of our arts community and the leaders behind it.

Dancer Arts for Every Life

Image from #ArtsForEveryLife

We asked Famor Botero these five questions:

1. What surprised you most about the Central Florida arts community today?

My biggest surprise was the pride and authenticity of its artists, the support they have for one another and the humble welcome I received from each and every one of them. This truly is a community of amazing people.

2. What do you see as the biggest change in our arts community since the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts entered the scene?

The biggest change I have seen since the opening is the connection between smaller arts organizations, it seems as if they now have a bigger place to call home where everyone comes to get inspired.

3. “Arts For Every Life” is the vision for both the performing arts center and for this film — what does “Arts For Every Life” mean to you?

Personally I believe that we are all artists, deep inside we feel the need to create something out of nothing…. There is an artist in everyone; there is art for all and by all.

4. Which genre of the arts aside from filmmaking is your favorite?

In a world surrounded by visual arts in all of its genres, I find music to be fascinating. I often close my eyes to the sound of music and it transports me to places that only exist in my imagination. As an artist the sound of art inspires me to create and survive in a world filled with so much negativity. My goal is always to inspire people no matter where I go. Music allows me to keep a clear head so I can continue to do just that.

5. You got invited to the Oscars! We are  so jealous! What can you tell us about that experience?

Attending the Oscars was an amazing experience. Meeting people I have admired and people whose careers inspire me was definitely a huge step towards beginning to fulfill my own goals as a filmmaker. Although a lot of people tell me in the four years since graduating I have achieved a lot, I feel this is only the beginning. I feel blessed and I’m very humble about my journey. I have really big dreams to be accomplished and the best part of all these dreams is that when I close my eyes I have the certainty that I will accomplish them all, so I have a lot of hard work to do and a lot of people to inspire.

Some of Famor Botero’s work includes the award-winning short film “Los Ocho,” “ProjectMad” starring Dr. Maria Miller and featuring Gerald De Pego, and the documentary “Take Me Home.” His upcoming projects include a feature film with Oscar Winner Anthony Lamolinary titled “The Mothership.”

“#ArtsForEveryLife” was produced by Robin Cowie, directed and co-Produced by Famor Botero and sponsored by the Dr. Phillips Center For The Performing Arts.

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